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Guest WiFi marketing

Leverage your guest WiFi marketing with the Bloom Intelligence WiFi marketing platform growth tools.

You can build customer profiles, onboard customer data onto third party applications, and automate marketing before they gain full access to the internet from your WiFi captive portal.

Bloom allows you to choose from a list of powerful functions to include on your WiFi landing page.

They include ratings, social media integrations, mobile app downloads, guest registration options, banners, and much more.

You communicate design preferences and provide creative collateral.

Then our professional designers create your new dynamic smart WiFi landing page.

Once you capture your customers’ profiles in our CRM database you can automate marketing to your guests.

You can send offers, messages, and surveys based upon their behavior whether they log into your guest WiFi or not.

Profiles include verified emails, names, phone numbers, zip codes, birthdays and your customers’ behavior at your locations.

How Guest WiFi Marketing Works

When a customer has a WiFi-enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop, it is continuously sending out a broadcast signal searching for the nearest and strongest WiFi networks.

At the same time, the WiFi network access points are continuously “listening” for those signals.

Consequently, when the signals see each other, a wireless connection can be made.

Every mobile device has a unique identifying code. The WiFi signal it broadcasts contains this code, which is how Bloom will identify individual customers.

The unique code is captured and logged into the database.

After that, the physical activity of that device is recorded, even if they don’t log into the WiFi network.

Immediately you’ll be able to see the data.

You’ll have access to valuable anonymous data about a very large sample size of your customers, such as:

  • Daily traffic counts
  • Dwell times and dwell times by hour of the day
  • First-time visitors and first-time visitor return rates
  • Average customer repeat rates
  • Average customer churn rates
  • Popular visit times and more

Users can filter the data for any date range. Likewise, multi-unit chains can make comparisons between locations or groups of locations.

This data can be invaluable in creating and measuring marketing campaigns.

Guest WiFi to Grow Your Business

Captive Portal

Guest WiFi Marketing Business Growth ToolsWhen a customer attempts to access the internet on your WiFi access point, they will be sent to your captive portal.

A captive portal is a web page that users are required to see and interact with prior to being given access to a network or the internet.

The Bloom Intelligence captive portal can be set up as a dynamic Wifi landing page any number of ways and with any number of features.

Some of the most popular features our users enjoy include:

  • Customer ratings
  • Social media integrations
  • Mobile app downloads
  • Guest registration options
  • Event promotion
  • Gift card promotion
  • Menu specials and more

You choose which functionality you’d like on your captive portal page, and we professionally design it.

Of course, the most important benefit of the captive portal is the customer information that can be collected, resulting in a detailed customer profile.

Learn more about Bloom’s social wifi solution.

Use Guest WiFi to Build Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles

The data discussed above is powerful for improving your business.

However, when customers log into your WiFi a significant portion of the value of Bloom’s WiFi analytics and marketing platform is realized.

A customer profile is created in real-time when the customer logs in using their email address or Facebook account.

Additionally, using progressive profiling, every time a customer logs into your WiFi, Bloom will require any missing piece of their customer profile, such as name, zip code, birthday or gender.

This will build a comprehensive, useful profile.

Customer Profile For Guest WiFi Marketing

Then you can create targeted marketing campaigns based on demographic data as well.

Keep in mind, unlike other companies, that a customer only has to log in once into Bloom’s social Wifi portal, and we can then trigger restaurant marketing campaigns based upon behavior on or off location.

By targeting specific customer segments, you will improve your marketing results, customer engagement, and loyalty.

Guest Wifi for Valuable Customer Profiles

Solidify Your Brand Identity

You choose which elements you’d like to include on your captive portal page.

In addition, you can brand the page with your company logo, images and colors. Brand consistency is important in today’s competitive marketplace.

Having a consistent brand image, voice and tone will help solidify trust and engagement with your customers.

Also, well-executed branding can create a strong and lasting impression.

Whatever your branding consists of, you need to make it consistent across all marketing and advertising channels, including your guest WiFi user experience.

Terms and Conditions

If your guest WiFi has a single password that anyone can log in with, you will not be able to define the terms and conditions you set forth for using your WiFi. But using a captive portal, you can require users to accept your terms of use. This will help limit the liability should a customer do something unlawful using your internet connection.

Additionally, you can throttle the bandwidth of your guest WiFi to each user. This will ensure the performance will remain excellent even during peak traffic time.

Guest WiFi to Power your Restaurant Marketing

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