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Bloom Intelligence is a WiFi marketing & customer analytics platform. This powerful platform allows multi-unit operations to passively measure offline customer behavior, quickly build customer databases and profiles, and to re-market to your customers based on their behavior.

WiFi Marketing to Grow Your Business


Bloom Intelligence WiFi Marketing & Analytics

WiFi Marketing & Customer Intelligence Platform

Genrally, Bloom Intelligence is an enterprise WiFi marketing and customer analytics platform for restaurants and retail locations. Straightaway, it is a powerful growth tool for multi-unit marketing and operations professionals.  That is to say, Bloom’s WiFi marketing and customer intelligence solutions provides customers with detailed location analytics. Consequently, they can measure customer location behavior. Equally important, Bloom’s customer analytics trigger automated marketing campaigns. In effect, this allows customers to automate messages, surveys, offers, and notifications based on customer behavior.

In addition, Bloom Intelligence’s WiFi marketing solutions uses advanced customer data collection. Additionally, Bloom uses cleaning techniques to quickly build large clean customer databases. In short, Bloom analyzes and segments customer data to provide rich customer profiles and customer insights. For instance, the Bloom WiFi marketing solution allows you to personalize your customers experience on or off location. Additionally, you can trigger campaigns based upon customer behavior. What’s more, you can measure the impact of every offer, message, or survey campaign.

Bloom Intelligence has a thirteen years of expertise helping our customers drive traffic to increase sales and profits. Therefore, Bloom Intelligence has been harnessing the power of mobile technology, big data, and location analytics. As a result, Bloom provides valuable location and customer intelligence. This, combined with a powerful WiFi marketing platform to increase customer frequency, saves at risk customers. Additionally, Bloom delivers significant ROI.

So, what makes Bloom different?  Bloom Intelligence has a relentless focus on guiding principles; Kaizen, integrity, and humility. As a result, Bloom delivers superior customer service and a powerful enterprise WiFi marketing platform. Bloom is focused on customer success.  That’s not just smart, that’s Bloom Intelligence.


Further, here are companies already benefiting from our Customizable WiFi Marketing Platform:

  • Domino’s PizzaBurgerFiJefferson’s
  • World of BeerMaple Street Biscuit CompanyBlack Dog Bar & Grill
  • ColumbiaAtlanta BreadNewks
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • BurgerFi
  • Jefferson’s
  • World of Beer
  • Maple Street Biscuit Company
  • Black Dog Bar & Grill
  • Columbia
  • Atlanta Bread
  • Newks
  • Corky’s

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