Enterprise Integrations


Bloom Intelligence does not sell or share your data. Likewise, we have an email marketing solution built right into our platform. However, we also give you the ability to integrate with third-party software to develop a truly integrated WiFi marketing and analytics strategy to grow your business. Don’t see the platform integrations that you need? No worries! We do custom integrations as well.  For example, here are some of Bloom’s integration partners:

Integrate with MailChimp
Integrate with Constant Contact
Integrate with Emma
Integrate with iContact
Integrate with Paytronix
Integrate with Fishbowl
Gift Card Sales Platforms

Gift Card Sales Platforms


Bloom Intelligence WiFi Marketing PLatform Integrations

Here at Bloom Intelligence, we understand that busy retail and restaurant operators and managers don't have the time for extra steps. You need a platform that will make life easier for you, freeing up the time for you to do what you do best. The Bloom Intelligence WiFi marketing and analytics platform seamlessly integrates with many other software solutions.

The primary integrations of the Bloom platform center around the major email marketing providers. This includes solutions like Mailchimp, Emma, Constant Contact, and iContact. When you integrate Bloom with any of these email platforms, any new email addresses that you collect through Bloom will be automatically sent to your email marketing platform.

Bloom also integrates with Paytronix, a leading customer loyalty platform, and Fishbowl, the leading data, marketing and analytics solution provider.

We have an email marketing solution built right into the Bloom platform, but we also give you the ability to integrate with third-party email marketing systems to develop a truly integrated WiFi marketing and analytics strategy to grow your business.

We understand that every business is different and not everyone has the same setup. So, if you'd like to discuss integrating with a solution you do not see above, just give us a call and we'll talk about a custom integration.

The Bloom Intelligence WiFi Marketing Automation and Customer Intelligence Hub is a powerful marketing platform that retail and restaurant operators use to grow their business. Bloom provides retail and restaurant marketing professionals with actionable presence analytics and customer profiles to personalize their customers’ experience and optimize restaurant operations. Plus, Bloom's intelligent marketing hub allows users to automatically send offers, messages, and ratings based upon individual customer behavior.

It’s time to start leveraging your guest WiFi to gain a competitive edge and watch your profits grow. Schedule your free demo today and see how Bloom can help your business grow.


"We have been extremely happy with our partnership with Bloom Intelligence! Their marketing analytics provides invaluable information, and the customer service is top notch!" - Angela Fallen

"I'm blown away by Bloom Intelligence's marketing/software platform! The team is super reliable, efficient, professional and knowledgable about every aspect of the system. I'm new to the platform, and I would like to call out Edward Kennedy for being so patient and doing an outstanding job in walking me through the platform. The team of 5+ members took the time out of their day and held a Zoom conference to train me. I can't wait to use Bloom Intelligence for my marketing campaigns moving forward." - Sydney Dixon

"These guys are so supportive, talented, and responsive. A great partner indeed." - Owner, Good Karma

"Our marketing efforts have been much more focused and effective partnering up with Bloom Intelligence. I find some of the things that they can do with our data to be nothing less than amazing. Looking forward to tracking the results of our Holiday campaign." - Mark Parente

"Great product, awesome customer service and very reliable. 100% recommended" - Francisco Iniguez

"Bloom is the only company to provide us with the necessary tools to compete with the e-commerce businesses. Without this company there is no way of knowing (or at least having a general understating) of what our attribution rate was, life time value of customer (LVT), dwell time, etc. Frankly, I didn’t even know what that stuff even meant until I met with one of their sales reps. Without this data, brick and mortars will always be step(s) begins." - Serge Osaulenko

"We use this service for our business and it is amazing. Measuring customer behavior and automatically marketing to them based on those behavior triggers is truly a step in the right direction for retail technology. Thank you, Bloom Intelligence!" - Jeff Catherell

"We've been using Bloom Intelligence for our business for a few years now, and it's been really great! We started using them at one location, but have recently expanded into three more. They provide useful metrics to help us understand our customers better, and their customer service team has been really helpful anytime we've needed something. They continually make improvements to their product and easily keep you up to date on the changes. Working with them has been great!" - April Bocchieri

"Amazing service! I have been a client for years. I will continue to sign up all new businesses with Bloom." - Memphis Garrett

"I have really enjoyed using the Bloom platform! Pal has been so helpful, answering all of my questions and continuing my knowledge to help my business in so many ways. I am really glad to be using this service." - Naugsy

“We’re extremely pleased with the wealth of customer data that we’re able to gather, at a very attractive price. In addition, we’re able to communicate our new product promotions by using the landing page as a digital billboard. A “no-brainer” for anyone working with limited marketing $$.” - Bob

“Our company uses Bloom Intelligence as a WiFi log-in service and we really like what they do. They offer great personalized customer service. The analytics are extremely useful and the aesthetic in the marketing scheme homepage is great once the guest logs into WiFi with some options to market specifics for the business or post beautiful photography. Highly recommend.” - Loren