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WiFi Marketing Leader Bloom Intelligence Continues Expansion with Acquisition of SuperFi

Thu., Jun 11, 2020 3:43pm ET
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Restaurant and Retail WiFi Marketing Leader Bloom Intelligence Acquires Gazella WiFi

Wed., Dec 18, 2019 3:43pm ET
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The Thoughtful Entrepreneur Podcast: Bloom Intelligence and Captiveyes

Wed., Dec 18, 2019 3:43pm ET
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Yahoo Finance
Bloom Intelligence Helping Restaurants Save At-Risk Customers: Success Report

Wed., Apr 17, 2019 3:43pm ET
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Internet of Things is Fueling Restaurant & Retail Operators' Growth

Tue., Jan 22, 2019 10:00am ET
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Bloom Intelligence Transforms WiFi Marketing with Groundbreaking New Features

Tue., Dec 13, 2018 3:39pm ET
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The Face of Intelligent Marketing? Your Customer.

Tue., Dec 13, 2018 3:39pm ET
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Featured Articles:

“Six Myths About Customer Loyalty Programs”

Forbes article: “Low-margin retailers often argue they can’t afford customer loyalty programs, but is that true? Two business professors make the case that such programs are profit-enhancing differentiators.”

“Introducing: The Net Promoter System®”

Short article from management consulting firm Bain & Company that describes the Net Promoter System® – a method of taking the pulse of your customer base, and ascertaining how they really feel about doing business with you.

“Cybersecurity IQ: Americans Receive Mixed Results”

A new study by Pew Research Center reveals that Americans are decidedly uninformed when it comes to cybersecurity issues. This article discusses the study’s key results.

“7 Ways To Leverage Your Small Business Data For Enhanced Revenues”

Access to and the ability to analyze big data has the potential to change everything about how small businesses do business. But how does a big data beginner take advantage of this? This article discusses seven things that small businesses should consider when looking for a place to step into using big data.

“How Much Can a Bad Review Hurt Your Business?”

Reviews are important. Good ones can boost your business. Bad ones can sink it. This brief article covers some of the basics when it comes to reviews including social media, search engines, and third-party review sites.

“The Cost of Unhappy Customers (Infographic)”

It’s intuitive: Unhappy customers cost businesses real money. But how big an impact is this, exactly? This Forbes article unpacks the math behind the cost of unhappy customers, and provides a formula for customer happiness.

“Six Surprising Facts About Loyalty Programs”

You’ve got a customer loyalty program. Great! But do your customers appreciate it the way you think they do? This article, which references the 2016 Bond Loyalty Report, lays out six findings that might help you focus your program on the things that customers value the most.

Lightspeed’s Annual Independent Retail Adoption Technology Adoption Report 2016

Lightspeed conducted a survey of more than 1500 independent retailers to find out which technologies have made the biggest impact, and what retailers plan to spend more time and resources on in the coming year, laying out a roadmap for the future of retail success.

“Restaurant Loyalty: 1 Best Guest = 9 Average Guests”

A restaurant uses a customer relationship management and loyalty program to “discover who their customers are, track their behavior, understand their preferences, cater to those preferences and develop ongoing two-way communication with its customers.”

“Top 15 questions to ask your restaurant visitors”

Rotating through these questions over time will give you an excellent overall view of how your restaurant is doing and what you can do better to improve customer satisfaction, increase loyalty, and drive sales.

“UMD researchers use Yelp reviews to predict whether restaurants will close”

A researcher at the University of Maryland has developed a text analysis tool that reads Yelp reviews and can accurately predict restaurant closure with 70 percent accuracy. What your customers say about you on popular review sites matters. Are you listening?

“Everything You Need To Know About PCI Compliance”

“David Millier, CEO of the vulnerability-, compliance-, and IT service-management company Uzado, defines the PCI standards and explains what it means to be PCI compliant.”


Term Definition
Average Daily First-time Visitors The average number of visitors attending a location for the first time on a typical day.
Average Daily Traffic The average number of visitors attending a location each day.
Benchmark A measurement that serves as a point of reference against which future performance can be evaluated. Benchmarks allow comparison of metrics between time periods or locations.
Best Practices Business practices or procedures considered most effective in a given situation.
Customer Churn Rate A measure of customer attrition expressed as the percentage of customers who stop visiting the location within a given time frame.
Customer Intelligence (CI) Customer intelligence refers to the process of gathering and analyzing information regarding customers, and their details and activities, to build deeper and more effective customer relationships and improve decision-making by vendors.
Customer Lifetime The expected period of time (usually measured in years or months) over which an average customer will patronize a business.
Customer Lifetime Value The expected total value of all purchases made by a customer at a specific store, during his or her lifetime.
Demographics Characteristics of customers such as age and gender that can be used to define customer segments.
Dwell Time The amount of time that a visitor spends in a location.
Key Performance Indicator A measurement used to evaluate the performance of an organization or an activity.
Marketing Analytics Analytics related to marketing campaigns. Marketing analytics are used to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and quantify campaign return on investment (ROI).
Marketing Automation The use of software tools to manage marketing processes. Marketing automation can help streamline repetitive tasks, allowing users to handle much more than they would otherwise be capable of managing.
Predictive Analytics The practice of analyzing past data to identify patterns and make predictions about future events, trends, and outcomes.
Psychographics Characteristics of customers such as attitudes and aspirations that can be used to define customer segments.
Retail Analytics Analytics that provide consumer behavior insights, determine the performance of products, and influence retail decision-making.
RevPASH (Revenue per Available Seat Hour) RevPASH is a management metric that allows a better understanding of a restaurant’s revenue-generating effectiveness. It is calculated by dividing Total Restaurant Revenue by Total Seat-Hours (i.e. Available Seats x Opening Hours). RevPASH can be expressed as an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly value. RevPASH can be used for labor scheduling, food purchasing, marketing tools and budgeting during the lowest occupancy.
Segmentation The division of customers into groups based on demographics, psychographics, or other characteristics. Segmentation allows marketing efforts to be much more targeted to the specific groups of customers that retailers find most attractive.