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The greatest retail store marketing campaigns are the direct result of strategic actions that rely on accurate, reliable data.

Tracking your customer’s data and analytics can help improve retail profits.

Additionally, according to Forbes, 80% of customers are more likely to shop from retail stores that offer personalized experiences.

When given an exceptional experience, customers are willing to pay a 16% price premium.

Are you looking for a way to increase the effectiveness of your retail store marketing efforts? Do you want to obtain a significant return on your investment?

If so, the Bloom Intelligence WiFi Marketing and Customer Intelligence Hub could be your answer.

Plus, unlike other WiFi marketing platforms, your customers don’t have to log into your WiFi for you to track data. You can gather valuable customer behavior analytics to help drive your marketing and management decisions.


What Retail WiFi Marketing Can Do For Your Store

With Bloom Intelligence, you can learn:


Retail Marketing Analytics

Daily Traffic

Learn how many people visit your retail store within specific time frames regardless of whether or not they log into your WiFi.

You can use this data to determine long wait lines and schedule employee staffing.


First-time visitors

Additionally, regardless of whether or not your guests log into your WiFi, you’ll be able to see how many people visited your retail store for the first time.

Checking first-time visitor information can empower your brand to activate loyalty opportunities.


Popular visit times

Plus, learn the specific times that a retail store is busiest with guests.

This information can help your brand determine employee schedules.

For example, you can learn about potential employee staffing issues and better allocate resources. Once again, this data is accumulated regardless of whether or not a guest logs into your WiFi.


Dwell times

So, want to learn how long your customers stay and shop within a retail store?

Dwell times will allow you to view this valuable data without requiring guest WiFi logins. You can leverage this information to help create a streamlined atmosphere.

Depending on your brand’s specific goals, you can reduce or increase dwell times.

Do you want customers to come in and leave your location quickly to avoid crowding? You can use this data to strategize and evaluate techniques that speed up your customer’s visits.

Would you like your guests to stay longer to encourage more revenue and upselling opportunities? You can leverage this data to create strategies that encourage longer dwell times.


Repeat visitors

Now, imagine tracking your customer loyalty in real-time, even when guests do not access your WiFi.

With Bloom Intelligence’s powerful WiFi Marketing and Customer Intelligence Hub, you can see how many times a visitor visits your location and comes back.

Additionally, you can see how many times they revisit your location within custom periods of time.

This powerful data will help you determine the best actions to encourage repeat visits. You can even view direct data correlations to your repeat visitor data.


Customer churn rates

Additionally, as visitors frequent your location, you can view their direct likelihood to churn.

You can use this information to help evaluate your next steps for customer retention.

As with the rest of the data points mentioned here, this data is accumulated without requiring WiFi marketing logins.


Lifetime values and so much more!


Indeed, having access to this data allows you to optimize your marketing efforts and truly engage with your customers like never before.


How Retail WiFi Marketing Works


Now that you understand the data, here’s how the WiFi marketing works.

When customers log into your WiFi, Bloom Intelligence collects individual customer data and creates detailed customer profiles that include names, emails, phone numbers, zip codes, ages, genders, birthdays, and presence analytics like the ones above.

You can use the Bloom Intelligence easy-to-use automated WiFi marketing suite of tools to create more engaging and personalized marketing campaigns on autopilot based on the behavioral patterns of your guests.

So, imagine automatically reaching out and emailing offers, surveys, and messages for guests based on:

  • At-risk customers – Customers who are at risk for churn.
  • The number of visits – Send emails based on how many times a guest has visited your location.
  • Lost customers – Send emails to lost customers so they can visit your location again.
  • Gender – Create campaigns for guests based on gender to send targeted messages.
  • Age range – Send targeted messages based on specific age groups.
  • Smart campaigns – Create a campaign based on any data that you choose to collect. The possibilities are endless!

Retail WiFi Marketing

The Value of Retail WiFi Marketing

Plus, all Bloom Intelligence WiFi marketing campaigns can be tracked from the moment they open your email, to the moment they walk into your location, to their redemption.

This allows you to view a clear ROI (return on investment spent) on either a broad or a detailed customer level.

Also, by engaging with your customers on a granular and more targeted level, you’ll be able to increase customer loyalty, guest spend, and visit frequency.

You can send single marketing messages or use the Bloom Intelligence behavior-triggered, real-time marketing suite to engage, surprise, and delight your customers like never before.

Also, Bloom Intelligence allows you to track tangible attribution in every campaign.

So, schedule a free demo today and see how Bloom Intelligence can help give you a competitive edge over your competition.



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