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If you are offering your guests free WiFi, you already have a tool that can immensely improve your marketing, operations, and overall customer experience.

Offering free WiFi is an excellent benefit to your customers, and it has become a customer expectation more than an amenity.

With a simple change, you can discover the business-boosting power of WiFi marketing and analytics.

And it all starts with your WiFi landing page.


WiFi Landing Page Examples

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What is a WiFi Landing Page?

When customers visit your place of business and attempt to log into the guest WiFi, they see a specific web page. This web page is your WiFi landing page, also known as a captive portal.

Its purpose is to require users to enter information, such as their name and email address before they can access the internet.

To your guests, the WiFi landing page is simply a login page to the internet.

But from the business owner perspective, it is an effortless way to build an extensive customer database.

Likewise, you can use the information for automating marketing efforts and making better operations decisions.

Many restaurant owners, retail store owners, and operators will not put much thought into their WiFi landing page.

Some do not utilize a landing page at all. But this is a huge oversight that is costing your business money.

With a customized, optimized landing page, your business, and your customers can benefit.


WiFi Landing Page Tips


How To Optimize Your WiFi Landing Page

When creating or optimizing your WiFi landing page, there are some essential things to keep in mind.

Doing so will help you create brand loyalty and drive more revenue.


Brand Consistency

The first thing you want to remember is to keep your brand consistent across all public-facing channels. This consistency includes your WiFi landing page.

Brand consistency helps build customer loyalty and helps solidify brand recognition. It fosters trust and confidence in your brand.

Brand recognition brings your business to the next level.

According to an article by Forbes, consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%. In a competitive environment, consumers have grown to expect consistency.

3D Digital reports that 90% of users expect to have the same branding across all platforms/channels.

So, ensure that your WiFi landing page maintains consistency with your brand.

Make your logo prominent, use your brand colors, and speak in your brand voice.


Readable on Various Devices

Consumers view internet content on various devices – laptop or desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

For this reason, you need to make sure that your page is responsive. Responsiveness means that it will be presented differently on different screen sizes.


Restaurant WiFi Landing Pages


For instance, when someone views the WiFi landing page on a smartphone, it appears a lot smaller.

If you were to present the same page as someone sees on a laptop screen, the text would be too small to read, and it would be challenging to navigate form fields and hyperlinks.

You present a page that fits on a smartphone screen with a larger font size and form fields.
Of course, this makes the user experience much more streamlined and easier-to-use.


Use the Right Imagery

If you are going to use images on your WiFi landing page, you need to make sure they fit your brand, as discussed above.

But there are other considerations.

The image should be of very high quality. When users zoom in on the image, it should be crystal clear and in focus.

Also, the image should be large enough to fill the entire width of the page.

The image(s) you choose for the page should be actual images of your food or business.

Visitors will know when you just take a stock image off the internet.

With smartphones, you should be able to get a high-quality image to use on your WiFi landing page for little to no cost. You can also hire a photographer to take pictures of your food and atmosphere, and they can use them for future landing page changes, or marketing collateral.



WiFi Landing Page Example


Engage Customers

The primary purpose of your WiFi landing page is to capture customer contact information, so you want to make sure the login form fields are prominent.

You should also provide the ability to login with Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social channels. It should be as easy as possible for users to log in.

Also, you can use your page for other opportunities.

For instance, you can use the page for advertising a special deal or event. You could also provide a link to your mobile app, ask for a rating, link to your social media accounts, and publish any content you want to write for the page.

Remember to keep user experience very simple and maintain your branding.


Don’t Forget Social Media

You should always have the option to allow your customers to login using a social media account, like Facebook. Social logins have two advantages.

First, it is faster and more comfortable for your customer, which improves the user experience.

Secondly, depending on their social media settings, you can gather more data about the customer, such as their age or gender.

This data will allow you to target them much more efficiently in your targeted marketing campaigns (discussed below).

At the same time, you can use this data to promote your social media channels as well.

For instance, you can link to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other account, and ask them to follow you. You can do this on your WiFi landing page or the page the customer is taken to after logging in.


Use Your WiFi Landing Page to Create Customer Profiles



Clean and Validate Your Data

Many times, the customer will enter a fake email address. When this happens, you will end up sending marketing messages to those phony email addresses.

The email will not receive opens and clicks. These numbers lead to skewed statistics and make it impossible to run effective campaigns.

Bloom ensures that your WiFi landing page can clean data in real-time as the customer is attempting to log in.

If they enter a fake email address, a message will appear, letting them know that they must enter valid information.

Of course, this can also be done with birthdays, postal codes, and area codes if you decide to require those on your page.


Integrate with Other Platforms

In today’s connected society, your WiFi landing page must integrate with other technology platforms you are using.

Bloom Intelligence gives you the ability to integrate with third-party software to develop a truly integrated WiFi marketing and analytics strategy to grow your business.

For example, if you use Mailchimp or Emma as your current email marketing platform, you can configure the software to integrate with those platforms and send the customer contact information to them.

The primary Bloom platform integrations center around the major email marketing providers. These integrations include solutions like Mailchimp, Emma, Constant Contact, and iContact.

When you integrate Bloom with any of these email platforms, any new email addresses that you collect through Bloom will automatically go to your email marketing platform.

Bloom also integrates with Paytronix, a leading customer loyalty platform, Fishbowl, the leading data, marketing and analytics solution provider, Mailerlite, and Lift361.

Create a Customer Loyalty Program with the Help of Your WiFi Landing Page



Customer Activation

Customer activation is the act of motivating a customer to take action. You can use your WiFi landing page real-estate to do this.

Including other customer-engaging sections to your landing page, or to the page that customers are redirected to when they click the Submit button will encourage action.

For instance, if you have a mobile app for your business, this is a perfect chance to ask your customers to download it.

One of the toughest ingredients to a successful mobile app is getting downloads. Why not use your WiFi landing page to increase downloads?

You can also use the space for advertising things like special events, menu specials, new menu items, gift cards, or upsell appetizers and desserts.

Do you have a customer loyalty program? Customer loyalty programs are another excellent opportunity to let your customer know about it.


WiFi Landing Page Example
Use The Data You Collect

Since your WiFi landing page collects customer contact information, you can use it to build your customer database.

Once you begin building your customer database, you should be using it to market your company and your brand.

Bloom Intelligence includes a cutting-edge automated marketing suite of tools that allows restaurant and retail chains to market to their customer based upon their behavior and demographics.

For instance, you can create an automated marketing campaign to deliver a marketing message whenever a first-time WiFi user leaves your business.

The message could contain a rating request, or a coupon for a future visit or a simple “thank you” message.

There are countless ways to use Bloom to increase customer loyalty and spend, lower operating costs, and improve your bottom line.

To see it all in action, schedule a free demo!

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