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Bloom Intelligence Pricing

The Bloom Intelligence WiFi marketing and customer intelligence hub is priced upon what features you need to help your business grow, and a combination of other variables. Bloom knows every partner is different. Our goal is to provide you with the growth tools that meet your business needs now, and in the future.

Our pricing ranges between $35 – $145 per month, per location. Pricing is based on how many locations you have, which packages you’d like to implement, whether you choose to pay monthly or annually, and if we need to provide hardware for each location or not.

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Bloom WiFi Marketing Growth ToolsAs a software-as-a-service, we are continuously releasing new functionality. Also, we’re improving existing functionality through the process of Kaizen, the constant process of improvement. Furthermore, this combined with our other core principles of integrity and humility means we’re always focused on our customers’ success. These guiding principles makes our enterprise WiFi marketing & customer analytics best-in-class, but also drives our customer success team to not only make your life easier from day one, but also to always focus on your restaurant or retail locations’ success.  As a result, our customer churn rate is near zero. This alone shows you how much we love our customers, and how much we value their success.

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Atlanta Bread Company
Accelerates Sales With Customer WiFi

  • A No-Brainer For Anyone

    “We’re extremely pleased with the wealth of customer data that we’re able to gather, at a very attractive price.  In addition, we’re able to communicate our new product promotions by using  the landing page as a digital billboard.  A “no-brainer” for anyone working with limited Marketing $$.”

    ~ Bob Cross, Vice President of Operations
    Atlanta Bread Company