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What is Hospitality Marketing?

Hospitality marketing refers to using online and offline marketing strategies and tactics to increase revenue, attract new guests, and improve guest loyalty in the hospitality industry.

In business, the term hospitality is defined as the act of reception of guests and/or entertaining visitors.

The hospitality industry includes various businesses such as hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.

Hospitality WiFi Marketing for Restaurants

Businesses in the hospitality industry are inherently brick-and-mortar establishments. While they may have an online presence, offline marketing is a very large part of their marketing efforts.

In the past, it has been difficult for brick-and-mortar marketing professionals to target specific audiences and track ROI accurately.

They simply did not have accurate, reliable, real-time data to use to make intelligent, data-driven decisions.

Fortunately, WiFi marketing technology has given this much-needed data to hospitality marketers around the world.

Likewise, it will cost pennies on the dollar compared to other data collection methods.

Competition is fierce in the hospitality industry. So, having comprehensive and accurate customer data is crucial for successful targeted and personalized hospitality marketing.

WiFi Data Collection for Hospitality Marketing

WiFi has enabled hospitality marketing professionals to collect and study customer data like never before.

In addition, it provides a way to see ROI on marketing campaigns. This makes it possible to test and optimize campaigns over time.

Here is how Hospitality WiFi marketing works.

WiFi Marketing for HospitalityEvery WiFi enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, sends out a signal containing a unique identifying ID.

Even if the device owner does not log into WiFi, certain data can be collected, such as dwell time, visit time and date, or whether the customer has been there before.

Having this type of anonymous customer data is very important for hospitality companies.

It gives them the opportunity to really understand how their guests behave while at their establishment.

In turn, this will provide a great baseline of data to use for intelligent, continuous improvement in guest loyalty and spend.

Even if guests do not log into WiFi, you will see the following location analytics:
  • Daily traffic.
  • First-time visitor counts.
  • First-time visitor return rates.
  • Average customer repeat rates.
  • Gender and age distribution.
  • Average dwell times.
  • Average dwell time by hour.
  • And so much more!

Having this kind of data can give you a deep and genuine look into your customer behavior while they are at your hospitality locations.

Then, you can use the data to develop marketing campaigns and make data-driven operations decisions to improve those numbers over time.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what hospitality WiFi marketing can do.

Building Customer Profiles with WiFi

The power of WiFi marketing is fully unleashed when a customer logs into your WiFi just once.

When they attempt to log in, they are taken to a custom-made WiFi landing page. This is also known as a captive portal.

This page will require the user to enter specific information prior to accessing the internet. Typically, it will ask for an email address.

Since the system has recognized the device since the very first time it was in range of your WiFi, it will now be able to associate all previous anonymous data to that specific customer.

The system then creates a customer profile and adds it to your customer list.

Customer Profiles for Hospitality WiFi Marketing

Bloom Intelligence also has the ability to do progressive profiling over time. With this feature, you can ask for a different piece of information each time a customer logs into your WiFi.

For instance, the first time they log in you can ask for their email address and first name. Then, then next time they log in, you might ask for their email address and mobile number, or birthday, or postal code.

You will build very detailed and robust customer profiles to use for targeted, segmented hospitality WiFi marketing campaigns.

Hospitality WiFi Marketing Campaigns

As you passively build a large list of customer profiles, you can begin marketing to them.

With Bloom, you have the ability to segment your customer list into various customer buyer personas.

Customer segmentation, or the process of divvying up your list into more specific categories to offer more relevant content to your subscribers, is extremely powerful for building relationships, generating loyal customers, and growing your revenue.

For instance, you can create a segment of customers who only visit during lunchtime hours. Then, you can create a campaign with the goal of getting them to visit during dinnertime hours.

Or, you can create a campaign for your late-night happy hour customers with a goal of getting them to visit for your champagne brunch.

With Bloom, you have the ability to segment your customer list based on any combination of the following.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Visit count
  • Average dwell time
  • Postal code
  • Days since last visit
  • And more!

Then, you can create marketing messaging that is targeted to that specific segment.

According to research from Salesforce, the world’s #1 customer relationship management platform, data targeting and segmenting was used 51% more by over-performing businesses than those who were under-performing.

This makes perfect sense when thinking about today’s consumers, and how to personalize the messaging you are sending to them.

They expect personalized messaging and they know when they’re receiving a simple generic mass-marketing message.

Customer Segmentation for Hospitality Marketing

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