Online Ordering Marketing for Restaurants

Learn how to use online ordering to increase guest engagement and improve marketing ROI.


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Online Ordering Marketing for Restaurants

Restaurant online ordering has become very popular over the last several years. The pandemic has only fueled this immense growth.

According to Zippia, online food ordering has grown 300% faster than dine-in since 2014 and now accounts for roughly 40% of total restaurant sales.

Likewise, 60% of Americans order delivery at least once per week and the average American spends $67 on takeout per week.

Given these numbers, it is easy to see why restaurants should implement online ordering using software like Oracle’s GloriaFood or Olo. If you do not currently offer online ordering for your guests, now is the time.

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Online Ordering Marketing Benefits

There are many other benefits to offering online ordering.
Online Ordering Marketing

  • Reduced wait times for customers: Customers can place their orders in advance and schedule a time to pick up their food, so they don’t have to wait around at the restaurant.
  • Increased order accuracy: Customers can take their time to enter their orders into the system, which reduces the chances of mistakes being made.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Make the ordering process more efficient and less frustrating for customers, leading to higher levels of satisfaction.
  • Higher average order values: Customers who use an online ordering system tend to spend more per order than those who place orders over the phone or in person.
  • Reduced labor costs: Automate many of the tasks involved in taking and fulfilling orders, such as taking customer information and payments, which can lead to reduced labor costs.

Not only will it improve your overall revenue and guest satisfaction, but it can also supercharge your online ordering marketing.

Gather guest data such as their name, postal code, food and beverage preferences, and spending habits. With this data, online ordering marketing becomes a possibility that can not only improve your marketing ROI, but also increase guest loyalty and lifetime values.

Users of GloriaFood or Olo can now easily integrate with Bloom Intelligence. This will allow them to pull all of this guest data into the Bloom platform.

Then it can be used to trigger specific marketing automation campaigns, such as sending a rating email to them at a configured time after their order takes place. Or, using Bloom’s machine-learning algorithm or the number of days since their last order, you can even begin to identify and bring back lost guests.

The true value is that you can begin to understand your guest’s journey across platforms.


Online Ordering Marketing Screenshot

How Bloom Can Trigger Automated Online Ordering Marketing

There are many automated marketing campaigns that can be configured in Bloom using the guest data you can collect.

These campaigns can be triggered when a guest meets the configured campaign criteria.

For instance, you could configure a campaign that would send a guest an email asking for them to rate their experience. The email can be sent immediately to rate their online ordering experience, or a couple of hours after they have ordered to rate their overall experience.


Online Ordering Marketing Example


Then, when the guest rates their experience, that data is stored in the Bloom platform in real-time, making it very simple to track, test, and optimize the campaign over time.

As mentioned above, another online ordering marketing campaign you can execute uses Bloom’s machine-learning algorithm. Based on the guest’s visit history at your location and their online ordering history, the system will identify guests who may be at risk of not returning or ordering online.

An automated message can be sent reminding the guest of a special event, new menu item, or anything that might pique their interest. Some Bloom users will offer an incentive, such as a free drink or dessert, for example.

Bloom users are seeing more than 38% of their lost guests return, improving customer lifetime values and providing a huge lift in revenue.

These personalized online ordering marketing campaigns can truly engage your guests, build trust and loyalty, and keep your restaurant top of mind. All while saving you time, and allowing you to concentrate on providing the best service to your guests.

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Customer Churn Success Report



Segmentation for Better Online Ordering Marketing ROI

Another great benefit of using Bloom integration with GloriaFood or Olo is that the data you collect is stored in individual guest profiles.

These guest profiles quickly begin to add up. Before long you’ll be growing a huge list of your actual guests, all with rich, verified, first-party data.

Then you can filter and sort the list based on guest behavior and demographic data. For example, you could build a list of female guests who have visited or ordered online more than 5 times and typically visit after 4 pm.


Online Ordering Marketing List Creation


You can build as many lists as you please. Then, you can create specific messaging that the guests in the list would engage with.

Or, create a list representing your ideal customer profile and export it, and then import the list into Google or Facebook to create look-alike campaigns to help find new guests.

Ultimately by integrating your online ordering with the Bloom Intelligence customer data platform you can quickly build a large customer database of first-party data.

You can then use Bloom’s artificial intelligence-powered reputation management and marketing automation to increase your guest’s lifetime values while saving time.


Discover Bloom Intelligence

Bloom Intelligence can supercharge the power of your marketing efforts.

Not only will you have massive amounts of guest data to help shape your messaging and branding, but you will also be able to segment your guest list and target specific messages to specific groups. And it’s all automated to help you save time and money.

Bloom Intelligence offers WiFi marketing and analytics solutions tailored to drive guest engagement while measuring ROI on every campaign.

Repeat guests mean repeat profits. Start getting them today!

In today’s competitive environment, we can give you the competitive edge for success! Let us show you how.



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“I highly recommend restaurants, dental/medical offices, and other businesses look into Bloom Intelligence as 1) their marketing technology is very powerful and 2) their team is AWESOME. As a marketing agency, Bloom has helped several of our clients grow their businesses via building their database and re-targeting them at the right time. Thanks Again!”

Austin Eggleston

“We’re extremely pleased with the wealth of customer data that we’re able to gather, at a very attractive price.  In addition, we’re able to communicate our new product promotions by using  the landing page as a digital billboard.  A “no-brainer” for anyone working with limited Marketing $$.”

Bob Cross, Vice President of Operations

Atlanta Bread Company

“This is an integral part of our local store marketing program. We use the e-mails we collect to tell our existing customers about various promotions, specials and discounts, and the analytics tools are amazing at capturing and displaying smart device activity in and around our store.”

Ron Murray

Atlanta Bread Company

“They have always been attentive through whatever needs and questions we have.

They go above and beyond to make sure our team and customers stay connected while helping us with our marketing efforts.”

Matt Thompson, Managing Partner

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“I am currently working with Bloom Intelligence with Matt Ronay and Edward Kennedy. They are great to work with, respond quickly, and provide great support for noth my company and my clients. I have used other WiFi platforms but never received this level of service. I was looking for a service that would make it easy for me to sell WiFi lead generation and analytics to my clients without a lot of problems. They have provided this above and beyond. I highly recommend them to any agency looking to add this type of program to your services.”

Jacqueline Martin

Bloom CRM Database FAQs

What Does CRM Stand For?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management database. To summarize, a CRM database is a collection of guest data grouped into customer profiles. So, a CRM can be used to understand your customer base, and for segmented, targeted marketing campaigns that can be tracked for accurate attribution.

What is a CRM Database?

A CRM Database is a digital collection of individual guest information grouped into customer profiles. Likewise, the database consists of detailed guest data such as names, behavior data, demographics, addresses, zip codes, emails, and phone numbers. As a result, these profiles are used to track communication and to remarket to guests.

What are Examples of a CRM Database?

An example of a CRM database for offline companies is the Bloom Intelligence CRM database. For example, using guest WiFi access points & guest WiFi landing pages, the platform collects guest behavior data, whether they log into WiFi or not, and builds detailed customer profiles for marketing and attribution. By comparison, other popular CRM’s include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic, and Hubspot.

How Do I Create a CRM Database?

For restaurant and retail locations, the easiest and best way to create a CRM database is to use your WiFi access points, Guest WiFi landing page, website widgets, and API’s to collect guest information and behavior data. Then, once configured, your guest data is collected and cleaned automatically.

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