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Restaurant Marketing Attribution

Today’s restaurant marketing professionals know that in order to stay ahead of the competition, their marketing campaigns must be as optimized and effective as possible.

And one crucial component of the most highly-optimized marketing campaigns is marketing attribution.

It can not only tell you how your campaigns are performing, it can help make them even better.

Marketing Attribution for Restaurants
What Is Restaurant Marketing Attribution?

Wikipedia defines marketing attribution as, “a set of user actions (‘events’ or ‘touchpoints’) that contribute in some manner to a desired outcome, and then the assignment of a value to each of these events.”

Another way to look at it is quantifying the influence that each of your advertising campaigns have on a patron’s decision to visit your restaurant, or to come back again.

And then using that data to make improvements to your strategy.

For example, let’s say you decide to do an advertisement on a local radio station.

There is a certain amount of money you will need to spend. Not just on the air time, but on recording the spot, and maybe a voice actor or writer.

When you spend any amount of money on a marketing campaign, it is a fundamental necessity to measure the amount of money that it, in turn, brings in as revenue.

But in an offline environment, this can become a very challenging thing to do.

Why Is Tracking Performance of your Restaurant Marketing  Important?

In a nutshell, it is important because it can give you a valuable competitive edge.

Take the radio advertisement example above. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to know how many of your customers made a first-time visit, or a return visit, because they heard the radio ad?

Restaurant Marketing Attribution Image

If you could tangibly measure the ROI of the campaign, you could easily make intelligent, data-driven decisions, such as whether to continue the campaign, make changes to it, or stop it altogether.

Marketing attribution, or lack thereof, could literally make or break your restaurant business.

In fact, according to Gartner, the typical outcome of implementing attribution is a 20-30% gain in media efficiency and corresponding increases in ROI.

Why Aren’t All Restaurants Using Marketing Attribution?

To execute effective marketing attribution, you need access to reliable, real-time, accurate, and comprehensive data.

Until recently, this kind of data has been very expensive to obtain. And it was only a snapshot in time. To get more data, you’d have to keep paying for it.

Fortunately, those days are over.

WiFi technology has recently produced a whole new way of gathering reliable, accurate, and comprehensive data from customers who actually visit your place of business.

Most notably, you can do it for pennies-on-the-dollar compared to traditional market research methods.

Using Marketing Attribution to Grow Your Business

Using Your Guest WiFi Platform to Track Your Restaurant Marketing Campaigns

The tool with which you can gather and analyze real-time customer data is most likely already right there under your roof.

Your guest WiFi access point can become a gold-mine of data for your restaurant marketers and your entire restaurant business.

With a WiFi marketing and analytics platform like Bloom Intelligence, you can make it happen! Here’s how it works.

When a customer comes into your place of business, they will likely have a smart device with them (phone, laptop, tablet).

Likewise, they will most likely have their WiFi enabled. With WiFi enabled, the device is constantly sending out a signal that is looking for WiFi access points.

Within that signal is an identifying code that is unique to that device.

This allows the WiFi analytics software to “see” individuals who are in range of your access point. You will immediately have anonymous data around:

  • Dwell Times and Dwell Times by Hour
  • First Time Visitors
  • First Time Visitor Return Rate
  • Average Customer Churn Rate
  • Popular Visit Times

This data can be sorted and filtered for any date span, and multi-unit chains can even compare data between two stores, or groups of stores.

And users don’t even have to log into WiFi to obtain this data.

WiFi Marketing Attribution Tools

When a customer decides to log into your WiFi access point, they will be taken to your WiFi landing page.

Bloom will custom design your page. From there, they will be required to enter their email address in order to access the internet.

At this point, since contact information was given, Bloom can make the connection between the device and an actual human.

Likewise, a detailed customer profile is created for the customer and all data from the device is added.

Restaurant Marketing Attribution Using Customer Profiles

From this point on, the customer can be added to email marketing campaigns using Bloom’s automated marketing suite of tools.

Using the Bloom Intelligence advanced suite of marketing tools, restaurant marketing campaigns can be created which can target specific customer buyer personas, or be sent to your entire customer database.

And since Bloom knows who received the message, who came back to your place of business, and whether or not they redeemed any offer, tangible marketing attribution data can be realized.

This allows you to see which campaigns are working well, and which need attention.

Likewise, it allows you to do A/B testing on your messaging and media to gain the largest ROI possible.

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This is data that brick-and-mortar stores have never been able to access before, and it is extremely valuable when developing marketing strategy, evaluating existing strategy, or testing specific messages.

To learn more about the ways the Bloom Intelligence growth tools can help you improve your restaurant marketing to drive more sales, improve overall customer experience, measure customer sentiment and grow your business, click to schedule a free demo today, or call us at 727-877-8181.



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