Campaign reporting tools to help locations track the performance of their marketing campaigns.

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How Do You Track Marketing for Physical Locations?

Marketers of physical locations track performance of their marketing campaigns by using WiFi analytics. Location marketers use email addresses of customers that are associated to WiFi-enabled device to track via WiFi access points whether that customer returned to a location from an email or online marketing campaign.

WiFi Marketing Campaign Reporting

Campaign reporting is a must when executing any type of marketing campaign, it is critical for success to be able to accurately measure its effectiveness.

For restaurant and retail offline marketing campaigns, this is even more crucial since campaign reporting becomes infinitely more difficult.

Online marketing attribution is much easier because the entire customer journey to your website is trackable.

This allows you to attribute a return on investment (ROI) to each online channel your customer went through – social media, Google Ads, other websites, etc.

However, in an offline environment, it is very hard to apply the attribution to specific channels. Bloom Intelligence has solved this barrier to achieving world-class offline marketing.


Bloom Intelligence Marketing Attribution

With Bloom Intelligence, you will have the ability to not only track the engagement of your email marketing campaigns. You will also be able to apply an accurate ROI down to a customer walking back in your doors.

This will allow you to make data-driven, intelligent marketing decisions.

You will even be able to track the results of a customer returning and the actual value of them returning to your location.

This is the type of marketing data that restaurants and retail locations have never had before. Imagine being able to accurately track your email marketing campaigns at this level of detail. With Bloom, you can.

With Bloom you can create many different types of automated retail and restaurant marketing campaigns.

One type of campaign you can create, for instance, is an offer campaign. This campaign allows you to send an email with an offer, such as a free dessert, to persuade the customer to return.

The email contains a redeem button. When the customer returns, they can redeem the offer by clicking the button.

The Bloom campaign reporting for offers will give you an overview of campaign results and ROI, as well as every customer who received the email, and how they engaged with the message.


Campaign Overview

In this example, you can see that the campaign is ongoing. There have been 6,218 emails delivered, and out of those, 2,674 customers returned to the location. Out of those who returned, 219 of them took advantage and redeemed the offer.


Campaign Reporting


Using POS data and overall per-person average, Bloom is able to place a monetary value on the customers who returned. Likewise, a value can also be placed upon those who redeemed the offer.

A graphic timeline allows users to easily see trends or anomalies in open rates, redemption’s, and return visitors as the campaign is running.


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WiFi Marketing for Customer Segmentation

Analytics Dashboard

Other Campaign Reporting Data

There are 4 other tabs above the timeline. Clicking each of these tabs will show you:

  • Details – this tab will show you the details of the campaign. This includes whether the emails are scheduled, or triggered by specific demographic or behavior data. For example, if the customer is at risk of churning, or if they have an upcoming birthday, or if they reached a milestone such as their 10th visit.
  • Offer – this tab will display the email that is associated with the campaign. This allows you to easily see what the exact offer is for the campaign, such as a free dessert or appetizer.
  • Locations – This will display the specific physical locations that the campaign is using to trigger email sending. This is a great feature for multi-unit chains that are sending individual campaigns for specific stores or groups of stores.
  • Segmentation – Bloom allows users to segment their customer database into various groups of people, such as men under 40 years old who only visit during lunch hours. This tab will show you which segments the campaign is targeting.
Individual Customer Campaign Reporting

As mentioned above, Bloom campaign reporting will allow you to see every individual who was targeted in the campaign.

This includes how they engaged with the email, and whether or not they returned and redeemed an offer.


Campaign Reporting - Individual Customers


This list can be filtered to only show those who redeemed the offer, those who returned to your location, those who opened the email.

In addition, there is a link to each of these customers’ profiles which will show you their entire demographic and behavior profile.

Campaign Optimization

With the campaign reporting data that Bloom Intelligence provides, you can optimize your campaigns over time. When you create and send your marketing messages, it is vital that you monitor the ROI of each campaign.

As initial results come in, analyze the report. Then, you can make a small change to the message.

Perhaps you can change an image, or your call to action. You should only make a single change to the message while optimizing.

If too many changes are made, you won’t know which change made the difference.

Then, Execute

Send the message and compare its results to those of the original messages in your campaign reporting tools.

If results are not as good as the original, go back to your original message and test a different aspect.

If results are better, keep the change and continue testing and optimizing over time. This is known as A/B testing.

Over time, your marketing campaigns will become more and more optimized as you test and analyze results.

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General WiFi Reporting FAQs

What is Marketing Reporting?

Marketing reporting refers to the process of collecting precise data that is the direct result of specific marketing campaigns, strategies, and tactics. In addition, the reports are used to evaluate and manage marketing decisions for optimization over time.

What is Marketing Attribution?

Firstly, marketing attribution refers to the tracking of a customer’s actions that result in a conversion, purchase or desired outcome from marketing campaigns. In addition, statistical weights can be applied to each action and channel to make data-driven marketing and business decisions.

How Do You Measure Marketing Attribution?

Online marketing attribution is easier than offline attribution because of the many digital tools available for tracking online behavior. For example, offline attribution is difficult because of the lack of tracking mechanisms available to track conversions. However, new technology such as WiFi marketing & analytics tools make it easy to track the attribution of offline marketing campaigns.

What is Data Reporting?

Data reporting refers to the process of collecting accurate, clean data from various sources and presenting it in an easy-to-understand presentation – typically a graphical interface or image. As a result, with reliable data reporting, informed decisions can be made regarding various business areas.

The Power of WiFi Reporting

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