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Bloom’s advanced reporting analytics provide
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WiFi Reporting

Reporting on location analytics, customer engagement, understanding your customer demographics, and marketing attribution used to be nearly impossible for physical locations.

This is exactly the customer data that Bloom’s WiFi marketing & customer intelligence platform can provide for your organization.

Given the competitive nature of today’s restaurant and retail industries, the ability to understand these critical reporting analytics is critical to the success of your operation.

To do so, reliable, comprehensive reporting is needed.

Bloom Intelligence ReportingWe know that brick-and-mortar marketers have traditionally had a tough time getting accurate campaign results, and accurate customer data.

So, Bloom Intelligence has placed an emphasis on giving our users the most accurate & actionable reporting possible.

We provide reports on the numerous types of campaigns, customer data collection analytics, and customer behavior across your customer-facing platforms.

This allows professional marketers to see customer behavior trends, demographics, and marketing performance.

This allows your marketing team whether it is a one-man or woman shop or 20 to optimize your campaigns and initiatives in real-time.

Finally, offline attribution can be tracked down to your customers walking back in your doors.

The best part? It’s all automated for you.

Details can be accessed using the links below.

Campaign Reporting

With Bloom Intelligence, you will have the ability to track the engagement of your email marketing campaigns. Moreover, you will be able to apply an accurate ROI down to a customer walking back in your doors.

This will allow you to make data-driven, intelligent marketing decisions. Ultimately allowing you to optimize your campaigns with clean tangible customer data.

The ability to measure customer behavior at your locations, just like Google Analytics for your website.

This gives you the same competitive advantage your online competitors have. You can track attribution of your marketing campaigns to tangible results.

Thus, giving you the ability to track the results of a customer returning and the actual value of their return to your location.

Click for more details on our campaign reporting.

Ratings Reports

One of the powerful automated marketing campaigns that Bloom Intelligence provides is a customer rating campaign.

First, when a customer leaves your place of business or based upon any customer event you set in your email campaign builder.

Bloom will wait a specified amount of time and automatically send an email asking them for a rating.

All ratings are in our customer ratings section of the Bloom dashboard. From there you are are able to see your aggregate ratings score on the front page of your dashboard KPI’s.

Even better, you have the ability to receive emailed ratings reports either weekly or monthly or you can choose to receive an instant bad rating notification when one of your customers leaves a bad rating in your first-party ratings platform.

In the Bloom ratings report, you’ll be able to closely track and monitor the results of your customer’s satisfaction in real-time.

This will allow you or your management to get ahead of any bad customer sentiment proactively.

Click for more details on our ratings reports.

Analytics Dashboard

The Bloom Intelligence customer analytics dashboard gives you clean, actionable customer behavior reporting.

For instance, we give you detailed key performance indicators on footfall, customer & loyalty, engagement, and business metrics.

The Bloom dashboard provides real-time customer behavior key performance indicators at your locations or also called location analytics.

Plus, you’ll see the aggregate customer profile or demographics of your customer base. You’ll see other important information such as your customer churn rate. So, you will know how many customers you are losing or gaining over a period.

For example, this is similar to website analytics that gives webmasters the ability to track customer engagement on their website. They can give proper attribution to marketing campaigns. Bloom gives you this, but for your physical location.

The two most important pieces of functionality that Bloom provides is that Bloom cleans and normalizes all the customer data it collects.

Then the ability to make all this customer data collected across platforms actionable in our proprietary marketing automation platform.

Click for more details on our analytics dashboard.

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General Reporting FAQs

Marketing reporting refers to the process of collecting precise data that is the direct result of specific marketing campaigns, strategies, and tactics. The reports are then used to evaluate and manage marketing decisions for optimization over time.

Learn more about presence analytics here

Marketing attribution refers to the tracking of a customer’s actions that result in a conversion, purchase or desired outcome from marketing campaigns. Statistical weights can be applied to each action and channel to make data-driven marketing and business decisions.

Learn more about marketing attribution here

Online marketing attribution is easier than offline attribution because of the many digital tools available for tracking online behavior. Offline attribution is difficult because of the lack of tracking mechanisms available to track conversions. New technology such as WiFi marketing & analytics tools make it easy to track the attribution of offline marketing campaigns.

Learn more about offline marketing attribution here

Data reporting refers to the process of collecting accurate, clean data from various sources and presenting it in an easy-to-understand presentation – typically a graphical interface or image. With reliable data reporting, informed decisions can be made regarding various business areas.

Learn more about location analytics here

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