Restaurant Marketing WiFi Marketing

4 min read

Behavioral & Psychographic Segmentation For Restaurants

Restaurant marketers are intrigued by behavioral segmentation concepts used by digital businesses and larger companies. Still, they are also frustrated that those market concepts have been mostly inaccessible because of…

WiFi Marketing

3 min read

Data Driven — Business Intelligence Benefits Car Dealerships

Business intelligence takes business data and reorganizes it into a clear picture. Data is a valuable resource that many car dealerships underutilize.  In this blog, we learn how business intelligence…

Customer Loyalty Social Media WiFi Marketing

3 min read

10 Ways to Get Customers to Return to Your Restaurant

Running a successful restaurant isn’t easy. The biggest part of making it work is ensuring that your customers have the kind of experience that keeps them coming back for more.…

Customer Segmentation WiFi Marketing

2 min read

Restaurant Customer Segmentation to Improve Your Marketing

Restaurant customer segmentation is incredibly valuable to a strategic marketing program. It increases ROI and improves guest experiences. When you know who your guests are, you can segment them according…

Customer Loyalty Email Marketing WiFi Marketing

3 min read

How to Create a Lead-Generating Digital Fishbowl

Remember those business-card-filled fishbowls that used to sit on every reception counter? They were a great way to gain leads — before the digital revolution, that is. See how you…

WiFi Analytics WiFi Marketing

2 min read

Free Wi-Fi: An Atlanta Bread Company Case Study

Once upon a time, cafés and restaurants thought they didn’t need to offer free Wi-Fi, but then came the digital age. Customers began to want and need different things from…

WiFi Analytics WiFi Marketing

2 min read

Marketing Your Gym with Wi-Fi

Achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is everyone’s goal. So why is it so hard for your gym or fitness center to retain long-term members? Customer attrition is a plague for…

Restaurant Marketing

3 min read

Customer Churn Rate in Retail: What it is, and how to use it

No business wants to lose customers, but it happens. People unsubscribe from your mailing lists, stop visiting your store, and return your products. It is a fact of business. However,…

WiFi Marketing

2 min read

Security Standards for Basic PCI Compliance

PCI (or Payment Card Industry) Compliance refers to the security standards that businesses who accept credit cards must follow. Any business, from startup to franchise, must follow these regulations to…


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