The Bloom Analytics Dashboard

Bloom’s Analytics dashboard is a customer analytics service
that tracks & reports customer behavior,
demographics, and marketing ROI.

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At Bloom Intelligence, we strive to provide retail and restaurant locations with the analytics dashboard and tools needed to successfully attract and retain a large, loyal customer base. These tools include the Bloom Intelligence WiFi analytics dashboard.

The dashboard is designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand.

Further, a modifiable date header lets you easily select the desired date range for analysis.

For those with multiple physical location, a “Locations” section is also available. You can easily access your different business regions or individual stores.

In addition, there is a view selector that allows you to compare analytics from different locations together in one view.

Likewise, there is a date comparison tool which lets you compare analytics between two different date spans.

The main header of the analytics dashboard displays a summary of customer profiles collected, ratings collected, emails delivered, how many customers returned, and their redeemed value of offer campaigns.

Analytics Dashboard

The Bloom Intelligence analytics dashboard is divided into four primary metric sections that we will discuss below: Footfall Metrics, Customer & Loyalty Metrics, Engagement Metrics, and Business Metrics.

Footfall Metrics

Footfall metrics give you access to meaningful in-store customer experience insights. These insights can be used to make intelligent, data-driven marketing and operations decisions.

Analytics Dashboard Footfall Metrics

Bloom Intelligence provides owners and operators with the following footfall metrics:

  • Daily Traffic Counts and Passers-by
  • First-Time Visitors and Returning Visitors
  • Average Customer Dwell Times
  • Dwell Times by Hour
  • Popular Visit Times

With these metrics, Bloom users can keep a close eye on traffic and customer behavior patterns.

Most importantly, even if customers do not log into WiFi, these metrics will still populate in your dashboard in real time.

You’ll have the ability to compare data between different stores or different date spans. Then, it becomes possible to track the effectiveness of business decisions by individual store.

For instance, if you have implemented a new training program for customer satisfaction, or changed your menu, or remodeled your dining room, these metrics can show you the effect it is having on foot traffic.

Customer & Loyalty Metrics

With Bloom’s customer & loyalty metrics, you can better understand the benefit of knowing the demographics of your customers and their loyalty to your establishment.

Since retaining current customers is so much less expensive than attaining new ones, these are important metrics to have at-hand.

Analytics Dashboard Customer & Loyalty Metrics

Here are the customer & loyalty metrics you’ll have with Bloom:

  • First Time Visitor Return Rate
  • Non-Returning Visitors
  • Average Customer Repeat Rate
  • Customer Gender Distribution
  • Average Customer Age
  • Visitor Counts By Age Group

So, knowing who your customers are and how they behave at your locations, you can begin to better engage them and market to them.

Likewise, by analyzing and monitoring these metrics, you will see the effectiveness of your retail and restaurant marketing campaigns and operational changes.

For instance, if you are having issues getting new customers to return, you can launch a marketing campaign targeting your first-time visitors.

Then, you can watch your first-time visitor return rate update in real time. As a result, you will have the information required to know if your marketing campaign is working.

Engagement Metrics

Customer engagement guru Paul Greenberg of The 56 Group defines this metric as “the ongoing interaction between company and customer offered by the company, chosen by the customer.”

In other words, how deep is the connection?

Analytics Dashboard Engagement Metrics

The Bloom customer engagement metrics focus on key engagement areas including:

  • Landing Page Promotion Enrollments
  • Average Customer Rating
  • New Customer Profiles Created

These metrics allow you to see how your customers are engaging with your WiFi landing page, how many are logging into your WiFi, and how they are rating their experiences.

Concentrating on improving these metrics will help grow customer loyalty and trust in your brand. As a result, as loyalty and brand reputation improve, so too will revenue.

Business Metrics

The Bloom business metrics help to reveal the business value you are receiving from the engagement with your customers.

Business Metrics

Bloom’s business metrics can help users realize the monetary value of their marketing and operations decisions. They include:

  • Average Customer Churn Rate
  • Projected Customer Lifetime
  • Lifetime Value of Customers
  • Per-Person Average

These metrics don’t just show you the value of each customer and how long they are expected to return.

They also show you the average customer churn rate. As a result, you now can have a way to accurately measure how many customers are being lost.

Moreover, you’ll know who these customers are.

So, by identifying your churning customers, and executing a marketing campaign to target them, you can start to decrease your churn rates and bring those loyal customers back.

Bloom users are seeing up to 35% of churned customers return using this strategy.

Save Churning Customers

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