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Efficiency Unlocked: How CDPs and Automation Revolutionize Marketing Efficiency

by: Allen Graves
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For restaurant operators, the challenge of fitting effective marketing into an already packed schedule is a familiar scenario. You’re balancing day-to-day operations, managing staff, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

In this busy environment, marketing can often fall by the wayside. But in today’s digital landscape, a strong online presence is the difference between a bustling service and an empty dining room.

So, how do you squeeze marketing your restaurant into your already-overflowing schedule without sacrificing the quality of your food or the sanity of your staff?

With the advent of restaurant Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and marketing automation, streamlining your marketing efforts is not just possible, it become efficient and impactful, saving you time to focus on other aspects of running your business.

CDPs: Unlocking the Secrets of Your Guests

Imagine having a detailed data file on every diner who walks through your door or orders online – all meticulously organized and readily accessible.

That’s the magic of a CDP. It acts as a central hub, gathering guest data from all your touchpoints: WiFi logins, POS systems, online ordering, reservations, review sites, website forms, and social media.

It creates detailed customer profiles for all these guests and saves them into its unified restaurant CRM for marketing automation (below).

restaurant CDP and marketing automation tool

The beauty of a CDP lies in its ability to automate this data collection and analysis, freeing up precious time.

No more hunting through scattered spreadsheets or deciphering notes scribbled on takeout orders. With a CDP, you have a centralized and unified view of your guests, allowing you to personalize your restaurant marketing like never before.

Think of it like this: You wouldn’t serve the same dish to a vegetarian and a steak enthusiast, right? Similarly, a CDP helps you tailor your marketing messages to each patron’s unique preferences.

A CDP enables you to segment your guests based on their behavior, preferences, demographics, and value to your business. This customer segmentation allows for more relevant and impactful marketing.

Instead of crafting one-size-fits-all campaigns, you can focus on personalized strategies that resonate with each guest segment, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Imagine offering a special discount to guests who haven’t visited in a while, or sending a birthday treat voucher to loyal patrons. These targeted campaigns resonate deeply, fostering brand loyalty and driving repeat business.

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restaurateur creating marketing automation campaigns

Save More Time by Leveraging Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the secret weapon in the modern restaurateur’s arsenal. Tools like Bloom Intelligence allow you to set up automated campaigns that trigger based on specific guest behaviors, demographics, or preferences.

For instance, it can automatically send a special offer to guests who haven’t visited in a while or a thank you message to those who recently dined at your restaurant. And it is all done automatically.

This hands-off approach ensures consistent engagement with your guests without requiring daily manual input.

There are many different triggers and combinations, including:
  • At-risk Guest Campaign – when guests have not visited or ordered online in a given amount of time, or when they have surpassed their typical ordering time, send a message enticing them to come back.
  • Upon-Ordering Campaign – configure a message to be sent to guests a specific amount of time after they order online. Send surveys, offers for future orders, and more. For example, send an immediate message asking how the ordering process went, or send a message 2 hours later requesting a response about their overall experience.
  • Happy Birthday Campaign – this is one of the most popular and successful campaigns. The message would be sent to guests a few days prior to their birthday. Typically it will include an offer they can redeem on their special day.
  • Survey Campaign – send a message to guests asking them to rate their recent experience. It can be sent at a predetermined time after they visit or order online.
  • Milestone Campaign – send a message with a reward for guests when they reach a particular milestone, such as the 10th time they visit.
  • Upon Registration Campaign – send a thank you message to guests when they first sign up for online reservations, online ordering, or guest WiFi.

These are just a few of the automated marketing campaigns you can send to your guest. Just set it up once and let the system do all the work for you.

Imaging the time you will save having a full marketing plan constantly running for you without lifting a finger.

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CDP and Marketing Automation, Hand in Hand

The true time-saving magic happens when these two technologies join forces. Think of your CDP as a master chef meticulously crafting personalized dishes, while marketing automation acts as the server, ensuring each dish reaches the right diner at the perfect time.

A CDP provides the insights, and marketing automation translates them into targeted actions.

Imagine learning that your online ordering patrons love a specific dish. Your CDP discovers this preference, and marketing automation triggers an email marketing campaign highlighting other menu items related to that dish, complete with a special offer for your online ordering clientele.

The possibilities are endless. Identify guests who have shorter dwell times. Send them a tempting email offering a free dessert sample with their next meal. Notice a dip in foot traffic on Tuesdays? Craft a targeted campaign promoting your “Taco Tuesday” specials.

Remember, it’s not about bombarding your guests with generic messages. It’s about creating meaningful connections through relevant, personalized experiences.

Tying it All Together

The integration of CDPs and marketing automation into the daily operations of a restaurant is not just a step towards modernization, it’s a strategic move towards efficiency and effectiveness.

For restaurant operators, the challenge is not merely about doing more in less time, but about maximizing the impact of every action taken.

CDPs and marketing automation stand out as pivotal tools in this endeavor.

By automating routine marketing tasks, these technologies free up hours that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry, analysis, and campaign management.

This allows restaurant operators to focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional dining experiences and growing their business. It isn’t just about boosting sales or driving reservations – it’s about reclaiming your precious hours and reigniting your passion.

In a sector where time is a precious commodity, the ability to rapidly adapt and personalize marketing efforts can be the difference between a thriving business and one that struggles to connect with its guests.

CDPs and marketing automation don’t just save time, they amplify the impact of the time invested. The result is a more streamlined, effective, and ultimately successful approach to restaurant marketing – one that aligns with the pace and demands of the modern restaurateur.

Full restaurant dining room

Discover Bloom Intelligence

Bloom Intelligence is an AI-powered restaurant marketing platform that includes a powerful customer data platform, automated data collection, marketing automation, and reputation management tools.

Guest data is collected from many different sources and aggregated into one single platform, making it simple and easy to analyze and segment your restaurant’s guest personas for your restaurant digital marketing and operations decisions.

Data is collected from sources like WiFi logins, online reservation systems, online ordering platforms, POS systems, website forms, social media and more.

Bloom makes guest data collection effortless, allowing you to quickly execute the strategies listed above, saving you time, increasing customer lifetime values, attracting new guests, improving your reputation, and boosting your bottom line.

Click Here to Schedule a Free Online Demo, or call 727-877-8181 to see how we can help you save time and drive tangible results for your restaurants.

Restaurant Marketing FAQs

What is Restaurant Marketing?

Restaurant marketing is the process of getting people to visit your restaurants. Restaurant marketing creates loyalty, provides data to research, analytics, and allows restaurants to gain a better understanding of their ideal customer profile. It utilizes all customer channels: guest WiFi, website, social, rating sites, mobile apps, email, text, and advertising.

Learn More About Restaurant Marketing Here

What is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi marketing is a marketing technique that uses guest WiFi to collect & clean customer data such as names, emails, phone numbers, customer behavior, and demographics. This data is used to personalize marketing campaigns to increase customer loyalty, build online reviews, and save at-risk customers. The performance of every campaign can be tracked down to the tangible ROI of a customer walking back in your door.

Learn More About WiFi Marketing Here

What is Restaurant Reputation Management?

Restaurant reputation management is the process for restaurants to manage customer feedback and creating systems to improve customer experiences, passively build positive online reviews, and save at-risk customers. It is a very important aspect of running a successful restaurant business.

Learn More About Restaurant Reputation Management Here

How Does Bloom Identify and Bring Back Lost Customers?

Bloom Intelligence uses machine learning to identify at-risk customers. When one is recognized, the system will send them a message with an incentive to get them to return and re-establish their visit pattern. Bloom users are seeing up to 37% of churning customers return.

Learn More About Saving At-Risk Customers Here


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“Working with Bloom Intelligence has been amazing. They assist you every step of the way and work with you hand in hand to make sure you are optimizing your advertising potential. We are excited to use this tool to help learn more about our customers so that we can personally engage with them and understand our strengths/weaknesses.”

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“We’re extremely pleased with the wealth of customer data that we’re able to gather, at a very attractive price.  In addition, we’re able to communicate our new product promotions by using  the landing page as a digital billboard.  A “no-brainer” for anyone working with limited Marketing $$.”

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