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WiFi marketing for restaurants is a potent and low-cost way to improve your restaurant marketing. With a best-in-class WiFi marketing platform like Bloom Intelligence, you will gain insight into who your patrons really are.

In addition, you will know how they behave when they are at your place of business.

What Is WiFi Marketing for Restaurants?

WiFi Marketing for RestaurantsWiFi Marketing is a great way to quickly and easily create awareness and interest in your restaurant.

It will help you improve customer loyalty while saving those who are at-risk of churning. In addition, it will help improve your online ratings and reviews.

Using your guest WiFi access points, Bloom can know when a WiFi-enabled device (laptop, tablet, smart phone) is within range. The device ID is gathered and stored in a database.

From then on, the platform will collect the anonymous behavior data of that device – even if they do not log into your WiFi.

This can provide a set of robust analytics KPIs around your customers’ behavior at your location.

You’ll see data like daily traffic counts, average dwell times, first-time visitor counts, visit repeat rates, visit times, and more.

This is very much like Google Analytics but for your offline place of business.

This behavior data allows you to easily see occupancy rates, the strength of your staffing, table turn times, and even track the results of all of your marketing campaigns.

How It Works

When patrons log into your WiFi, they are taken to a guest WiFi landing page, also known as a captive portal.

This page will require them to enter their email address or other data such as their name, age, gender, zip code and more, to access the internet. Or, they can use a one-click login using their Facebook or other social media account, such as LinkedIn Connect.

Enterprise Wifi marketing companies such as Bloom Intelligence will clean & verify customer data collected, and organize customer data into detailed customer profiles in your Bloom CRM.

This creates an easy, passive way to begin building a large, clean customer database for restaurants to start remarketing to when customer volume is down, or to save at risk customers, or to build positive online reviews.

These are modern demand generation tools for restaurateurs that can be completely automated.

Collecting Customer Data for Restaurant Marketing

As mentioned above, when customers log into your WiFi, their contact information or customer details are collected.

Then, a customer profile is created for them. All data connected to their device is moved into their customer profile.

In addition, all past behavior data (once anonymous) is added to their profile.

Over time, as they visit again and log back into WiFi, they can be asked for a different piece of data such as their age or gender, their mobile number, postal code, or birthday.

This is known as progressive profiling and will help create rich customer profiles.

Then, you can begin segmenting your database to build customers buyers personas or a grouping of customers with similar characteristics into lists. These buyers personas will allow you create highly targeted  – personalized marketing messages for your customers.

As you passively build your database, you can begin using the platform for email marketing.

Bloom integrates with most of the major email marketing systems like Mailchimp, Emma, Constant Contact, and more to give you the freedom of using your email marketing automation platform of choice.

Or, you can use Bloom’s powerful built in email marketing automation suite of tools.

The benefit of utilizing Blooms marketing automation is suite is that it provides you the ability to track the performance of every Bloom generated marketing campaign. All the way down to a customer walking back in your door.

Customer Profiles for Restaurant WiFi Marketing

Successful WiFi Marketing for Restaurants

With a large, clean customer database, you will have a very powerful, yet low cost, marketing channel.

What’s more, you own the data! Therefore, you will not have to pay for expensive customer demand generation channels such as buying  email list or attempt to build one manually, or advertise to create demand when you need it the most.

Bloom offers several types of email marketing types to choose from. You can send:

  • Offer Emails – this type of email will contain an offer, such as a free dessert, and will include a “redeem” button which can be redeemed when the customer returns. You can use this to increase customer frequency or save at risk customers with Blooms proprietary machine learning marketing trigger.
  • Ratings Emails – this type of email contains a ratings widget that will let the customer rate a recent visit, from zero to five stars. It also contains a text field for them to leave comments. You can use this to effectively build positive online reviews on Google, Trip Advisor or Facebook.
  • Message Emails – this will allow the marketer to create and send an email with text and images. This can be used to promote delivery, online ordering, curbside pick up or even to get customers to download your mobile app.

You can edit all emails to match your restaurant’s branding and personality, and send from your own domain.

Creating and Sending Your Emails

Likewise, emails can be scheduled, or triggered by certain customer behavior or demographic data.

With Bloom’s easy-to-use drag & drop email builder, creating emails is quick and simple, and provides you access to a host of different professionally designed email templates.

In addition, all emails are tracked for sending, open rates, clicks, and return rates to your locations. Ratings and offers are also tracked and recorded in your database allowing you to optimize your campaigns over time.

Ways WiFi Marketing Can Grow Your Restaurant Business

Restaurant WiFi Marketing Campaign Creation

Once you have created the perfect email, you can then create a campaign that will use the email. The great thing about WiFi marketing for restaurants is that everything is trackable in real time – all the way down to someone coming back through your door.

When you launch your campaign, you will begin seeing the results of the campaign. This allows you to gather baseline data and then begin A/B testing your emails and optimize for ROI over time.

In addition, it allows you to quickly pivot if you realize the campaign is not meeting your expectations.

Customer Segmentation For Better Results

It is widely known that targeted email marketing is more effective than sending a single mass email to every customer.

Bloom allows you segment your customers into segments, or groups of people with similar demographics or behavior patterns.

For instance, you can create a segment of customers who only visit during lunch hours. The message they receive might have an incentive to get them to visit for dinner.

Only those who match the criteria receive the email – lunchtime visitors only.

If you were to send the message in one mass emailing to all of your customers, then you would be giving the incentive to those who would visit during dinner anyway. So, sending it only to the lunchtime visitors segment can save you from wasted costs.

This is just a single, simple example of how to use customer segmentation. To learn more, visit our customer segmentation page, or download our free eBook by clicking on this banner:

WiFi Marketing for Restaurants with Segmentation

Save At-Risk Customers with WiFi Marketing for Restaurants

No matter what business you are in, customer churn is likely. With Bloom, there is a way to identify those who are at-risk of churning?

One of the most powerful tools that Bloom can give your restaurant is the ability to identify churning customers.

An automated marketing campaign can be created which sends an offer email to the customer with an incentive to return and begin the habit of coming back to your restaurant again.

The best part is that once it is set up, the email will be sent automatically when Bloom determines that someone is at risk of churning. All you have to do is watch the reports, and enjoy the revenue that this campaign will begin bringing in.

Bloom users are seeing up to 38% of their churning customers return using proprietary at risk customer strategy. Learn more by visiting our page on saving at-risk customers. Or, download the free case study by clicking the banner here:

Save Churning Restaurant Customers

First Party Ratings & Building Online Reviews with WiFi Marketing

Restaurant ratings are key for a successful business now more than ever. Bloom offers a great way for you to proactively improve your restaurant’s ratings and to create a first party rating system.

You can create a campaign that sends a ratings request email to a customer after their recent visit. Bloom will store all ratings in the campaign reports.

This gives you a good overview of how your customer experience is in real time or by time period.

In addition, if they give you a good rating, we can immediately ask your customer to rate you on the popular ratings websites.

Or you can directly ask your customer to rate you on these ratings sites (skipping the first party rating process).

This ultimately starts automatically building positive reviews on these ratings sites which ultimately drives net new customers into your restaurants.

Or, if you receive a bad rating, you can respond with an apology and an offer message to get them back and give you another chance. This will help mitigate poor ratings on the popular ratings sites.

For more info about building positive online reviews for your restaurant, check out our page on restaurant ratings and reviews. Or, download the free ebook by clicking this banner:

Improve restaurant ratings

Grow Your Business with WiFi Marketing for Restaurants

For restaurants, WiFi marketing is the perfect, low-cost way to improve customer loyalty, spend, and satisfaction while increasing your bottom line.

The data collection, analytics, and marketing tools will drive down costs and keep your customers coming back again and again building customer your customers loyalty.

All automated. Know your customers. Customer demand generation when your need it the most.

Bloom Intelligence is your customer engagement and customer analytics platform.

Watch your profits grow. Schedule your free demo today – or call us at 727-877-8181 – and see how Bloom can help your business grow.

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