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Wifi Analytics

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What is Presence Analytics?

The internet of things and Bloom Intelligence have created an opportunity for offline businesses to utilize WiFi sensors. Sensors collect, analyze, and react to customer behavior data in real-time.


Presence Analytics


Even if they don’t log into your WiFi, Bloom captures detailed, valuable presence analytics from your customers that you may have never seen before.

Gain the advantage that eCommerce companies have held over brick-and-mortar locations for years.

Utilize technology, big data, and proprietary algorithms to benchmark crucial key performance indicators for your offline business, just like online companies do with their websites.


What Is Presence Analytics?

Presence analytics, also known as location analytics or WiFi analytics, refers to customer behavior data that is collected. This is tracked using customer mobile devices and your physical location’s WiFi access point(s).

Every mobile device has a media access control address or MAC address for identification. When a mobile device has WiFi turned on, it broadcasts a signal that “looks” for a WiFi access point.

The signal contains the device’s MAC address.

This connection is how the WiFi access point and WiFi analytics platform identifies individual users and starts collecting anonymous customer data.

At the same time, your WiFi access point is continuously “listening” for the signal of any mobile device within range.

So when it identifies a device within range, it can begin collecting presence analytics around that device. Users do not have to log into the WiFi for this to occur.

The great thing about the Bloom Intelligence presence analytics is that, unlike other platforms, users do not have to log in through the WiFi access point for customer analytics to be collected.

Furthermore, the data about the device will be on the platform.

From then on, this customer behavior data will be added to their customer profile in your database every time your customer comes back into range of your guest WiFi signal.


Collecting Anonymous Data

At this point, the platform does not know who the user is or any of their demographic information. Therefore, the data is anonymous.

However, valuable customer behavior data can still be collected.

Anonymous data includes information like:

  • Customer Dwell Times
  • Daily Customers vs. Passers-by
  • First-time Visitors
  • First-time Visitor Return Rate
  • Popular Visit Times
  • Projected Lifetime Visits
  • Customer Repeat Rates, and more

The moment you begin using your WiFi analytics platform, you’ll start seeing these data points populate in real-time.

It is the most accurate and reliable market research you can obtain because it is updated in real-time and is a view of your actual customer behavior.

Likewise, it comes at a fraction of the cost of other data collection methods.

This type of anonymous data can be lucrative for your business.

For instance, marketing campaigns can have actual data as measurements.

If you are running a campaign to increase your daily lunchtime visits, you’ll be able to get an accurate view of traffic counts during lunchtime hours and which way it is trending.

If you operate multiple locations, you can use the data to compare traffic and dwell times of different places.

You can also use the data to help make more efficient staffing and purchasing decisions.


The Value of Detailed Presence Analytics

As more and more customers log into your WiFi access point, you will be passively building detailed customer profiles.

Furthermore, you’ll be collecting their email addresses for email marketing campaigns.

Your customer’s behavior on or off location will trigger marketing campaigns even if they only log into your WiFi just once!

Also, you can filter and sort your customer profile list by demographic and behavior data.

This filtering allows you to segment your customer list into smaller, more focused groups.

As you can see, this will allow you to create powerful marketing campaigns that will speak much more clearly to each of your audience segments.

You will be able to define and differentiate your most valuable customers. You can speak to them in a practical way that they will understand and engage with, persuading them to keep coming back.

You’ll see much more success in increasing your per-person averages and customer lifetime values. This will help fill your locations with buying customers and increasing your bottom line.

So as you can see, presence analytics can be extremely valuable, giving you a more accurate understanding of who your customers are and how they are behaving in your establishment.


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WiFi Marketing for Customer Segmentation

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By understanding your customers on this level, you can drive more engagement in your marketing campaigns.

As you can see, this will build familiarity and loyalty between you and your customers. It will drive substantial increases in per person averages and customer lifetime values.

Better yet, you can leverage this data to decrease operational expenses by discovering negative trends you could not see before Bloom Intelligence presence analytics.

It’s time to start leveraging your guest WiFi and collecting presence analytics with Bloom’s growth tools.

Gain a competitive edge with the Bloom Intelligence Platform growth tools. It passively provides location analytics, guest analytics, customer profiles, business metrics, and much more to grow your multi-unit locations.

If you’re ready to see how to leverage your guest WiFi with Bloom Intelligence, call us today at 727-877-8181, or click here to set up a free demonstration for you and your team.


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“SaaS that covered so many bases for us instead of having to use multiple software products. Bloom Intelligence has simplified our responses to reviews, customer feedback, and more. I highly recommend Bloom Intelligence.”

Robert Sanderson

“Bloom Intelligence really is a step ahead in terms of marketing software and metrics. Their product is reliable, fast and innovative and has helped the company I work for really grow.”

John Marchetti

“Working with Bloom Intelligence has been amazing. They assist you every step of the way and work with you hand in hand to make sure you are optimizing your advertising potential. We are excited to use this tool to help learn more about our customers so that we can personally engage with them and understand our strengths/weaknesses.”

Ariel Ramirez

“In these challenging times, it has been a pleasure working with Bloom Intelligence to help facilitate our service offering to our clients. They were extremely responsive and provided support to mitigate risk and minimize revenue loss. Great partner!”

Stefan Kim

“We’re extremely pleased with the wealth of customer data that we’re able to gather, at a very attractive price.  In addition, we’re able to communicate our new product promotions by using  the landing page as a digital billboard.  A “no-brainer” for anyone working with limited Marketing $$.”

Bob Cross, Vice President of Operations

WiFi Analytics FAQs

What is WiFi Analytics?

WiFi Analytics is the process of collecting & analyzing customer data from WiFi-enabled devices through WiFi access points. This data is used to create KPI’s around customer behavior at a location such as dwell time or churn likelihood. These KPI’s are used to improve operations, trigger marketing, and track campaign results.

What is Customer Churn?

Customer churn or customer attrition is the percentage of customers that stopped using your service or going to your locations during a specific period. Marketers use this data to create marketing campaigns to save at risk customers. Operators utilize this data to optimize business operations.

How do you track marketing for physical locations?

Marketers of physical locations track performance of their marketing campaigns by using WiFi analytics. Location marketers use email addresses of customers that are associated to WiFi-enabled device to track via WiFi access points whether that customer returned to a location from an email or online marketing campaign.

What is Customer Dwell Time?

Customer dwell time is the length of time a customer stays at your location. In restaurants, it is also called table turn time. Customer dwell time is used to measure the efficiency of their staff of servicing their customers. This combined with customer satisfaction has a direct correlation to revenue production efficiency of your staff.

The Power of WiFi Presence Analytics

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