Restaurant Marketing White Papers and Case Studies


In today’s competitive restaurant industry, staying ahead of the curve is essential for attracting and retaining customers. Our collection of white papers and case studies provides you with valuable insights, strategies, and real-world examples to help you make informed decisions and drive your restaurant’s growth.

Whether you’re a seasoned restaurateur or just starting out, these resources offer practical advice and actionable tips to help you navigate the ever-changing restaurant landscape. Dive into our comprehensive collection and gain the knowledge you need to stay competitive, increase profitability, and provide an exceptional dining experience for your customers.


Restaurant Customer Segmentation
Learn how customer segmentation can bring much higher ROI to your marketing campaigns.
Bloom Intelligence WiFi Marketing Guide
Learn how to harness the power of guest WiFi to execute WiFi marketing and improve your business.
The Value of a Customer Profile
Learn how to easily create detailed customer profiles and extract value from them for your restaurant.
The Power of a Customer Profile
Learn how collecting profiles can improve restaurant marketing, operations, guest experience, and customer sentiment.
Optimizing Your Email Marketing Campaigns
Learn how to optimize your restaurant email marketing campaigns for better ROI and engagement.
The WiFi Data Treasure Trove
Learn how to use information collected by your WiFi and other sensors to improve your restaurant business.
Marketing Automation for Traffic and Loyalty
Learn about customer retention and churn rates in quick-service, fast-casual, and casual-dining restaurant chains.
Restaurant Customer Loyalty Programs
Learn how a quality customer loyalty program can improve guest experience and strengthen profits.