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Bloom Intelligence WiFi Marketing & Customer Intelligence Hub

Bloom Intelligence brings the power of WiFi marketing and customer analytics to brick-and-mortar retail and restaurant locations. Our guest WiFi marketing growth tools for restaurants and retail chains measure offline customer behavior, build large customer databases, and re-market to customers.

When a customer enters the range of your guest WiFi access point, their mobile device is identified by a unique ID that is embedded in the wireless signal. Once identified, it's behavior can be tracked and logged into a database. The customer cannot be identified at this point, but the behavior of the mobile device can be watched. This gives you real-time analytics such as dwell times, popular days and times, first-time visitors, repeat visitors, and daily traffic numbers.

If the customer decides to log into your WiFi, they will be taken to a WiFi landing page upon which they are required to enter their email address to gain access to the internet. At this point, the individual customer is tied to that email address and all previous and future data associated with their device is added to their newly-created customer profile.

As you collect more and more customer profiles, you can begin using Bloom to create automated marketing campaigns that are based upon individual customer behavior. For instance you can automatically have pre-written emails sent to a customer when they leave your business, or if they visit a certain amount of times, or if they are at-risk of churning.

Another great feature is being able to send a rating request after a customer has left your establishment. If the rating is good, you can follow up with a thank you and links to online ratings sites. If the rating is negative, an email can be automatically sent with an incentive to get them to come back and give you another chance to make it right.

All of these features can be seen in detail in the videos above. And if you'd like to schedule a free demo of Bloom Intelligence, call us at 727-877-8181 or schedule online here .