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Turning Tables on Customer Churn: A Guide to Keeping Patrons Coming Back

by: Allen Graves
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In today’s restaurant industry, your most loyal guests are not just patrons, they are the heartbeat of your business. They’re the ones who return again and again, drawn in by the guest experience you’ve created for them

But what happens when one of them unexpectedly changes their dining routine?

In the blink of an eye, your restaurant may no longer be their first choice. And in the cutthroat restaurant business, any shift in patron behavior can have a ripple effect.

The truth is that a small alteration in a guest’s dining pattern can transform them from a frequent diner to a churning patron, teetering on the edge of becoming an ex-customer. Let’s face it, if they’re not at your place of business, they’re likely at another establishment.

guide to decrease custome churn for happy guests

The dining landscape is vast, and the competition is fierce. But don’t despair, there is an easy solution for savvy restaurant owners and operators.

The key lies in understanding these changes in guest behavior before it’s too late, and there are innovative solutions like Bloom Intelligence designed just for this. It can help you identify the warning signs of a guest at the brink of shifting their allegiance.

By utilizing this solution, you’re not just being reactive, you’re proactively rekindling your bond with these patrons, enticing them back into your establishment before their preferences shift completely towards your competition.

This powerful tool harnesses the power of data to easily identify guest behavior, providing you with invaluable insights. By leveraging this knowledge, you can step in, ensuring your restaurant remains their favorite.

The best part is that Bloom completely automates the entire process, saving you time while improving guest loyalty and customer lifetime values.

Preventing Customer Churn: Automation to the Rescue

In the fast-paced world of the restaurant industry, keeping up with marketing can feel like a daunting task. It’s a juggling act, balancing everything from advertising your latest menu additions to nurturing those all-important guest relationships.

Thankfully, there’s a tool at your disposal that can make this all-important aspect of your business a breeze: automation.

Think of marketing automation as your personal marketing assistant, ready to dispatch messaging to your guests based on their specific behaviors or activities, as identified by you.

With the power of automation, you can streamline your marketing efforts, reaching out to your guests precisely when they need a nudge – the perfect solution to prevent your valued patrons from drifting away.

But how exactly does automation work, exactly?

Using easy-to-configure triggers, automation simplifies those critical but time-consuming tasks. It works to perform actions that could easily slip through the cracks if left to human memory or manual intervention.

Restaurant marketing automation is particularly effective in retaining those patrons who are just a few steps away from becoming ex-customers.

Picture this: Bloom identifies a guest who hasn’t visited your establishment in a while, or has not met their normal visiting habits. Without you needing to lift a finger, the system sends a message, “We haven’t seen you in a while and we miss you. We hope everything is well with you and look forward to seeing you soon! We’d like to offer you a free appetizer with your next meal. Hope to see you soon! Your friends at….”

While the content of your message is important, what truly makes a difference is the sentiment behind it. This personal touch not only shows your guests how much you value them but also keeps your restaurant fresh in their minds—a powerful strategy.

The need for automation becomes even more apparent when you consider the immense task of keeping track of all your guests. The ability to retain all of them, engage with them personally, and stay at the forefront of their minds, is all made possible through the power of automation.

Embrace it, and watch as your customer relationships blossom, and your business thrive.

Eliminate customer churn with these tips

Increase Customer Retention

In the high-stakes game of customer retention in the restaurant business, every tool that provides an advantage is worth its weight in gold.

One such game-changer is automation. This ingenious technology isn’t just about making tasks easier—it’s about redefining what’s possible in terms of guest engagement and retention.

Consider the capabilities of an advanced system like Bloom. It grants you, the restaurant owner, an extraordinary level of insight. With Bloom, you have real-time visibility into whether a guest has visited your establishment or ordered online recently.

This can be an invaluable asset, allowing you to act promptly and effectively to keep your relationship with your guests fresh and dynamic.

When the task at hand is identifying and retaining guests teetering on the brink of slipping away, those wielding the power of the Bloom platform have an unmistakable edge.

This advanced technology uses machine learning and gives your business the boost it needs to outperform the competition, ensuring your restaurant remains the top choice for your valued customers.

To fully appreciate its potency, let’s delve into a real-life success story. A small restaurant chain in Florida, with the assistance of the Bloom platform, used this innovative strategy to remarkable effect. They successfully brought back an impressive 38% of their at-risk guests.

Eager to learn more about this revenue-boosting strategy in action? Download the case study by clicking the banner below for an enlightening deep dive into the details of this success story.

Witness firsthand how the smart use of automation can breathe new life into your guest retention efforts and drive your restaurant to new heights of success.

Customer Churn Success Report

Recognizing the At-Risk Guest

Whether you’re the proud owner of a single family-owned diner or running a unique, single-location eatery, you might be under the impression that your size gives you the advantage of personally recognizing and managing your at-risk customers.

While there’s truth to the personal touch a smaller establishment can offer, this perception could inadvertently cause you to overlook a crucial aspect: the potential revenue loss from even one loyal guest drifting away.

To grasp the importance of customer retention, consider this: What is the lifetime value of a single guest to your establishment? It’s not just about a single meal; it’s about every dish they’ll enjoy at your restaurant over time.

Each missed opportunity to retain a guest doesn’t just signify one lost sale—it represents the entirety of that guest’s potential contribution to your establishment’s bottom line.

For those of you managing multi-unit franchises, the stakes are even higher. With multiple locations, the potential for losing guests – and the corresponding revenue – can multiply rapidly. In this scenario, staying attuned to guest behavior is not just a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity.

As your competition grows increasingly aware and proactive in wooing your patrons, ignorance is not bliss, it’s a potential business hazard.

Whether you run a small town diner or a sprawling franchise, remember that every guest matters.

Harness the power of customer retention, understand your guest behavior, and ensure your restaurant remains their preferred choice, regardless of the competitive landscape. After all, your customers aren’t just patrons, they’re the key to your restaurant’s success story.

Keep Guests Happy and Coming Back

Turn Guest Data Collection Into A Churn-Prevention Machine

In the ever-evolving world of restaurant management, the secret to success lies in understanding your guests. The metrics you choose to track—be it spending habits, engagement activity, or frequency of visits—form the foundation of this understanding.

Spotting changes in these patterns and identifying trends is where your strategic prowess comes into play.

Imagine sifting through a haystack of data for the proverbial needle, that crucial piece of information that could make all the difference.

Let’s say your restaurant welcomes 1,000 guests a week. That’s a whopping 4,000 guest visits per month! It’s an immense task to analyze each individual’s behavior, pinpoint trends, note omissions, and other vital behavioral benchmarks.

This is where a well-structured customer data platform can become your best friend. It offers you a snapshot of your restaurant’s health within a specific time period. From visit frequency to repeat rates, dwell times, potential churn indicators, and overall churn rates. It brings crucial data to your fingertips.

The real beauty of this system? It enables you to influence guest behavior effectively, reducing churn and promoting positive business trends to improve loyalty and customer lifetime values.

In reality, deploying a team to manage such vast quantities of data would be neither feasible nor cost-effective. Enter the solution of restaurant email marketing, analytics, and automation.

An automated marketing campaign, tailored to your guests’ behaviors and your operational practices, can be your restaurant’s saving grace during challenging times. While it’s a given that some guests may simply drift away, which is the nature of the business, the focus should be on the many who can be retained.

This safety net isn’t just about survival, it’s about thriving. Consider this: acquiring a new guest can be up to 25 times costlier than retaining an existing one. Even a modest 5% increase in guest retention can result in a profit increase of over 25%.

The business case for this strategy is clear. When used effectively, these tools can help foster relationships, build trust, and deliver mutual benefits for your business and your guests. Remember, understanding your guests is the key – and leveraging technology to do so is the masterstroke.

Guest data collection to decrease customer churn

Discover Bloom Intelligence. Your Guests Will Love You For It

Ready to unlock the secret to identifying and re-engaging your lost and at-risk guests? Look no further than Bloom Intelligence, your solution for redefining guest engagement and retention.

We invite you to witness firsthand how Bloom can breathe new life into your restaurant’s guest relationships. Simply give us a call at 727-877-8181, and our team of experts will be delighted to guide you through the transformative potential of Bloom Intelligence for your restaurant.

Or, schedule a free online demo. See Bloom in action and discover how it can empower your business with actionable insights, smarter decision-making, and a boost to your bottom line.

Reach out today, and step into the future of restaurant marketing with Bloom Intelligence. The journey toward guest retention has never been more exciting or rewarding!

Restaurant Marketing FAQs

What is Restaurant Marketing?

Restaurant marketing is the process of getting people to visit your restaurants. Restaurant marketing creates loyalty, provides data to research, analytics, and allows restaurants to gain a better understanding of their ideal customer profile. It utilizes all customer channels: guest WiFi, website, social, rating sites, mobile apps, email, text, and advertising.

Learn More About Restaurant Marketing Here

What is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi marketing is a marketing technique that uses guest WiFi to collect & clean customer data such as names, emails, phone numbers, customer behavior, and demographics. This data is used to personalize marketing campaigns to increase customer loyalty, build online reviews, and save at-risk customers. The performance of every campaign can be tracked down to the tangible ROI of a customer walking back in your door.

Learn More About WiFi Marketing Here

What is Restaurant Reputation Management?

Restaurant reputation management is the process for restaurants to manage customer feedback and creating systems to improve customer experiences, passively build positive online reviews, and save at-risk customers. It is a very important aspect of running a successful restaurant business.

Learn More About Restaurant Reputation Management Here

How Does Bloom Identify and Bring Back Lost Customers?

Bloom Intelligence uses machine learning to identify at-risk customers. When one is recognized, the system will send them a message with an incentive to get them to return and re-establish their visit pattern. Bloom users are seeing up to 37% of churning customers return.

Learn More About Saving At-Risk Customers Here


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“Working with Bloom Intelligence has been amazing. They assist you every step of the way and work with you hand in hand to make sure you are optimizing your advertising potential. We are excited to use this tool to help learn more about our customers so that we can personally engage with them and understand our strengths/weaknesses.”

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“In these challenging times, it has been a pleasure working with Bloom Intelligence to help facilitate our service offering to our clients. They were extremely responsive and provided support to mitigate risk and minimize revenue loss. Great partner!”

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“We’re extremely pleased with the wealth of customer data that we’re able to gather, at a very attractive price.  In addition, we’re able to communicate our new product promotions by using  the landing page as a digital billboard.  A “no-brainer” for anyone working with limited Marketing $$.”

Bob Cross, Vice President of Operations

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