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Average Dwell Time Numbers Reveal Valuable Insights

by: Ron Zvagelsky On: November 21, 2017
3 min read

We spend a great deal of time and effort courting customers. Resources, finances and considerable thought goes into how to attract, draw and eventually convert those visitors into loyal customers. However, we may not be spending enough time evaluating how long visitors dwell on property.

The Big Picture

It is important to grow our customer base, improve our customer conversion rates and meet our customer’s needs. We know when our efforts in areas like these are working because of well-planned measurement systems and metrics. What’s equally as important to evaluate is the average dwell time of our visitors.

Bloom Intelligence is a service that allows you to  gauge how long customers are visiting. This feature can provide valuable insight into what is and what isn’t working.

As a business, you could simply wait and allow your revenue reports to reveal these metrics, however this could prove detrimental to the stability of your business. These are the types of big picture insights availed through measuring your patrons average dwell times.

The Finer Points

If your customers are spending more time on property, they are likely to spend more money. The longer a customer is on the premise, the better for your business. The more traffic you have at your business, the more business you will draw. The list of benefits and reasons for improving and evaluating dwell time is considerable.

Do your customer service practices need to be evaluated? Are your rates and costs competitive? Dwell time can help isolate and correct problem areas for a company, which can have a positive impact on the entire business.

Collecting Visitor Data


Devices, such as cellphones, allow for Wi-Fi detection. Data is gathered within a specific Wi-Fi broadcast radius. The devices detected are registered and denoted as a “visitor” in our dashboard system.

That data will then be tracked and monitored to determine information that includes metrics such as the duration of visits and new visitor rates.

Bloom Intelligence catalogs, structures, and monitors the data and divides this to produce daily, weekly, monthly, and even all-time perspectives. Merging these metrics with the duration of visit times produces the average dwell time, which results in more control over the business.

Wi-Fi is A Win for Everyone

A means of recognizing what marketing strategies work and what promotions are used effectively is only a taste of the advantages Bloom Intelligence provides. This information can also be used to improve the customer experience and reveal where your business can improve.

A sound service and informed metrics are good only if used properly.

Information is power, particularly when the competition ignores the opportunity to do the same.” ~ Mark Cuban

If your competition is benefiting from Wi-Fi technology, can you afford not to? If your competitors are not using Wi-Fi technology, can you afford not to? It doesn’t matter if it is about keeping up or getting ahead, Bloom Intelligence can deliver insights to improve your business. Now that’s power!


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