10 Powerful Ideas for your Captive Portal Page

Use your captive portal to boost revenue using these 10 potent strategies.

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Captive Portal Ideas to Grow Your Business

If you are offering free guest WiFi at your restaurant, then a captive portal is important for restaurant marketing and operations success.

A captive portal is a web page that your guest WiFi users are taken to when they attempt to log into your guest WiFi. The page typically requires the user to enter information such as their name and email address. Then, they are given access to the internet.

Some of the most engaging landing pages may include enticing design elements and opt-in fields to unlock guest insights and build your customer database. Then, you can use this data to trigger marketing automation that can have a meaningful impact on your bottom line.

Your captive portal page can be used for much more than just a gateway for internet access. Here are 10 ways you can utilize your captive portal to help build intimate relationships with your customers at scale, and grow your bottom line.


1. Collect Guest Contact Information

As mentioned above, most captive portals include fields for your guests to enter specific information. At your discretion, you can ask your guests for a variety of data, such as their name, age, birthdate, postal code, and other points of data before accessing your internet.

Captive portals can collect guest contact informationHowever, the most important information to collect is the guest’s contact information. With contact information, you can begin marketing to the guest through email, or SMS (text) marketing.

In a short period of time, you will collect a huge amount of customer data and contact information. This unlocks guest insights such as gender distribution of your guests, how far they travel to your locations, age distribution, and much more.

Plus, with all the data points available to collect from your guests, you will be building rich, clean customer profiles with which you can use marketing automation to send personalized, 1 to 1 messaging to them.

You can ask them to perform specific actions like giving you a review on Google or Facebook. You can send an offer to win back a lost customer, or increase their specific frequency distribution, and more.


2. Build a Large, Clean Guest Database

A restaurant CRM database is a repository of all your guest data compiled into an easy-to-understand interface.

It stores all your customer profiles. These profiles include guest contact information, demographics, behavior data across platforms, and purchase history.

With all your data in one platform, it becomes easy to begin segmenting your guests into groups with similar characteristics.


Customer profiles built with a captive portal


Then, you can send specific messaging to each individual group that will resonate more with them, and they will be more likely to engage with it.

This is known as “customer segmentation” and has been proven to be much more effective than sending out a single message to your entire guest database.

Did you know that “companies that used advanced personalization see returns of $20 per $1 spent”?

It has become a priority for successful restaurants to build their own first-party customer databases so that they own their own intimate relationship with their customers. And they can create their own marketing channels so that they are not held hostage by third-party providers when they need to drive business or turn an unhappy guest into a happy one.

At the end of the day, guest data is gold that all operators need to take seriously to be successful in today’s world. This is why online companies have been hugely successful by leveraging customer data to build meaningful guest experiences that create intense brand loyalty.


3. Use Progressive Profiling with Captive Portals

Progressive profiling allows you to gather more and more data about your individual guests over time. Here’s how it works.

The first time a guest logs into your WiFi, you may ask for their name and email address.

Then, every subsequent visit when they log into your WiFi, the system will recognize them and ask them for a different data point, such as their birthdate or gender. This process will continue till you have a full customer profile.


Example of Progressive Profiling Fields

Over time, the guest’s profile will be filled with the data required for detailed customer segmentation and improved marketing ROI.

Plus, your guests do not get scared off because of you asking for too much information at one point in time.

“90% of consumers are happy to share their data to receive exclusive discounts on products they are interested in.”.

Once you collect these detailed customer profiles you can put your marketing automation effort on autopilot. For example, you could send a promotion to all men in a specific zip code who are over 21 years of age who have been to your location more than twice in the last 3 months.

Or, you could send a lost guest an offer to win them back based on gender and age and what location they last visited.

Imagine being able to send a marketing message specifically crafted and designed for such a detailed audience – the opportunities are endless. And with the ability to track ROI on each individual campaign down to a guest walking back in your door and actual, you’ll be able to monitor, optimize, and repeat as you watch your business bloom.

Over time, the guest’s profile will be filled with the data required for detailed customer segmentation and improved marketing ROI.


4. Create and Showcase Limited Time Offers

A limited time offer (LTO) is a promotional deal, such as a free dessert or half-priced appetizer, that will only be available for a limited time.

LTO’s are great for getting guests to visit your restaurant again.

If you want to get your guest to know about your LTO, you can place its information front and center on your captive portal page and any guest who logs into WiFi will see it.

Don’t forget to ask them to tell their friends and family.


5. Showcase Your Mobile App

Does your restaurant have a mobile app? Mobile apps provide the quickness and convenience that today’s consumers expect, which can have a hugely positive impact on both sales and repeat customer rates.

Mobile App Section on Captive Portal PageProviding online ordering through your mobile app can also help create more long-term customers.

According to a joint study by the National Restaurant Association and LevelUp, there is a strong relationship between online ordering and brand loyalty. It revealed that restaurant guests who placed an online order in the past will visit the restaurant 67% more frequently than those who haven’t.

Mobile apps provide great functionality and convenience for your customers. It’s a proven fact that creating and managing a mobile app can significantly improve brand reputation, as well as guest loyalty and lifetime value.

So, why not showcase your mobile app on your captive portal page, or immediately after they opt into your WiFi? Give a short description of your app and include links for downloading it. Thus, helping you do the hardest part of operating a mobile app – getting your customers to download it.


6. Get More Social Media Followers

Social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram are great channels for restaurants to engage with current and potential new guests.

Captive portal login with social media accountsAccording to Talk Triggers, a company that studies consumers to learn how they make purchasing decisions, 99% of Millennial and GenZ consumers are more likely to use social media to choose restaurants than baby boomers

In addition, a QSR survey reports that nearly half of diners decided to visit a restaurant based on a social media post.

Get your guests on your social media sites by showcasing links to your pages on your captive portal. Or, after a guest opts into your captive portal, have them directed to your social media business page.

It’s quick and easy, and you will passively build your follower counts. Make sure to suggest they leave a rating or review, and encourage them to post.


7. Don’t Forget Security

Some captive portal providers, such as Bloom Intelligence, will make sure your data capture is compliant with all current and future privacy mandates, such as GDPR and the CCPA. This is very important to avoid fines and penalties.

Advanced captive portal providers such as Bloom can also give your guests the ability to manage their own privacy settings.

In addition, there are settings to limit the bandwidth each customer is using (bandwidth steering). You can also block inappropriate websites from being seen through your internet connection and much more.

These things ensure that your captive portal is safe and secure for both you and your guests.


8. Employ Guest Surveys on Your Captive Portal

It’s always a good idea to have a grasp on the way customers feel about your restaurant.

Your captive portal is a perfect place to engage with your customers using guest surveys to discover their sentiment on certain aspects of your business.


Captive portal customer survey


Advanced captive portal and guest intelligence platforms such as Bloom allow you to request, manage, and respond to surveys and online reviews from platforms such as Facebook and Google. You can also do this through marketing automation.

Then, we use artificial intelligence to identify customer sentiment trends quickly.

A happy guest can easily create many more new guests just through the power of having an automated process to show your guests that you care, and proactively asking for positive online reviews on Google or Facebook.

Don’t you think it’s time to start multiplying your guest count?


9. Tell Your Story on Your Captive Portal

Is there an interesting or heartwarming story behind your business? Does your restaurant help in the community or sponsor events?

Why not let your guests know about it? You can easily add your story to your captive portal page and guests will see it every time they log in to your guest WiFi.

Telling a story on a captive portalAccording to LinkedIn, there are several reasons to tell your story to your guests:

  • Stories make you more memorable to guests
  • They help people like your business more
  • They communicate your purpose and encourage others to share in that purpose
  • Stories show empathy toward your guests
  • They drive more long-term growth

So, don’t be shy about sharing your story on your captive portal page.


10. Showcase Menus and Specials on Your Captive Portals

In today’s post-pandemic marketplace, customers are more likely to use their mobile devices to find menus at your restaurant if you provide that technology.

Bloom’s captive portal pages allow you to provide links to your menus while showcasing specific menu items or current specials. It’s a great – and free – way to get your special deals in front of your guests’ eyes.


Showcasing specials on captive portals


If customers are using their device to browse your menu, take advantage of the technology and let them know about your special offers and promotions.


Discover Bloom Intelligence

Bloom Intelligence is a best-in-class restaurant marketing and guest intelligence platform, offering custom-designed captive portal pages for all users to collect clean, verified guest data.

Our customers enjoy white-glove service, including the creation of their WiFi captive portal page.

Once signed up, a dedicated customer success manager will contact you to begin the configuration of your new captive portal.

You choose which functionality you’d like on the page, send us your logo and images, and tell us what you would like to communicate to your guests.

Then, our professional designers will create your page and send you a preview for approval.

It all starts with the captive portal! In no time you will be building a large, detailed guest database. Then, you can use the data to create targeted, engaging, automated marketing campaigns to find new guests, improve online ratings & customer sentiment, win back lost guests, and so much more.

If you would like to see more of what the Bloom platform can do for your restaurant, click to schedule a free 30-minute demo at your convenience, or call us at 727-877-8181. We look forward to meeting you!


Captive Portals for Customer Segmentation Guide

So, if you’re interested in learning more about Bloom’s captive portals and WiFi analytics and marketing platform, schedule a demo today. We’ll show you our captive portal solution and the many other powerful tools.


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