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Working Out With Wi-Fi

by: Robin Johnston On: December 29, 2016
2 min read

Photo for Gym Blog Post.jpgThink gyms don’t need free Wi-Fi? Maybe to you keeping fit is just an end to a means, but there are plenty of ways people try to make their workouts more fun. And most of them require Wi-Fi. See why your gym members will be happier if you offer free Wi-Fi and how your fitness center can benefit from it, too.

Why Gyms Need Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi isn’t just for the coffee house crew. Gyms benefit from offering Wi-Fi to members. Why? Because just like the telecommuters who want to get more than a meal from their eatery, gym members want more than just a workout. They want to work out their own way and that means being able to:

  • Stream movies or shows
  • Listen to internet radio or streaming music services
  • Connect with fitness apps
  • Check emails
  • Schedule personal training sessions
  • Brag on social media


Sure, they could use their own data plan, but if you can help them save data by offering free Wi-Fi, why wouldn’t you? It’ll keep them coming back and keep your profits strong and fit.

What’s the Workout Incentive?

50 percent of people are more willing to work out if they can do so while binge-watching their favorite TV shows.  If your members stream Netflix, they’ll reduce boredom and discover how many calories they’re burning with the Netflix “Watch It While You Work It” initiative. Here’s a few examples of the calories they’ll burn:

  • The Laugh to Lose It category of 22-minute comedy hits can burn 117 calories on a bike, 152 on a treadmill and 334 on an elliptical.
  • A Power Hour of 44-minute drama can help burn 223 calories on a bike, 152 on a treadmill and 669 on the elliptical.
  • A Season Sprint equaling 661 minutes of binge watching while working out can burn 3,503 bike calories, 4,561 treadmill calories and a whopping 10,047 elliptical calories.


Not that you encourage your members to work out for ten hours at a time, but the incentive remains.

Gaining Marketing Muscle

When you offer free Wi-Fi, whether members want to burn 117 calories in 22 minutes or go for the gold with a season sprint, they don’t have to worry about using their data just to work out. And the more they like working out, the more they’ll show up and share their fitness success with their friends.

In the meantime, you build marketing muscle through:

  • Gaining insightful customer data analytics
  • Identifying and ranking repeat customers
  • Automatically capturing email addresses and social media information


To see how you can flex your marketing muscle with free Wi-Fi, contact us at Bloom Intelligence for a free, no obligation demo

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