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How Email marketing is accelerated using WiFi at Your Business

by: Ron Zvagelsky On: December 26, 2018
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Effective marketing is essential for the success of any business. It is what allows you to gain visibility in the marketplace and promote to your guests so you can maintain a loyal customer base while attracting new patrons. Despite the numerous digital marketing tools available today, email marketing continues to be the leader when it comes to marketing ROI.

Using the Wi-Fi access point(s) at your place of business, along with a quality WiFi marketing and analytics platform, can be a powerful way to accelerate the growth of your email database and the ROI of your email marketing campaigns.


Why EMail Marketing?

Email marketing remains one of the most popular marketing channels because of the amazing ROI that can be generated. Another, often overlooked benefit, is that it is delivered directly to your customer’s inbox. You know that they will see your marketing message, rather than having to guess when they are going to be online or what site they may happen to visit. And they can open the message when it is most convenient for them

Your newsletter or email promotion can contain a significant amount of information, too. This includes:

  • New menu items, products or services
  • Special deals or promotions
  • Store hours/locations or upcoming events

You can decide on the messaging based on the data you receive from your WiFi analytics platform. Once sent, you can track comprehensive, tangible ROI on each campaign from how many people viewed your message all the way to who came back to your store and who redeemed your offer.

How Can You Use WiFi?

More and more people look to find a WiFi connection when they are in a coffee shop, restaurant or other physical locations. It can save them money and bandwidth if they are on a data plan, and it allows them to quickly and easily connect to the internet. With a WiFi marketing and analytics platform, you’ll have a custom landing page that asks for the customer’s contact information prior to gaining access to the internet.

is a mobile app worth the effort for restaurantAt the very least, in order for them to access the free Wi-Fi that you offer, they will need to supply their email address. It’s a nice welcome and introduction to your location and the email address that they enter is automatically collected as the system creates a new customer profile for them. Through progressive profiling, over time, you’ll gather all of the customer’s information in a detailed customer profile.

This makes it much easier to segment your customers into groups when it’s time to send out your next email campaign. It has been proven, over and over, that sending personalized messages to individual customer segments, rather than sending one mass email to all of your customers, brings a much higher ROI while saving you marketing dollars.

Your WiFi access at your physical locations is much more than a customer amenity. With the use of a WiFi analytics and marketing platform, you can gather all sorts of anonymous behavior data on your customers, create detailed customer profiles, and segment your customers into individual groups for targeted marketing based on demographics and behavior data. It’s a powerful marketing strategy that more and more businesses are taking advantage of.

To learn more about WiFi marketing and analytics, visit www.bloomintelligence.com.


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