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Customer Analytics: How to Use Wi-Fi as a Powerful Tool

by: Robin Johnston On: November 22, 2016
2 min read

Understanding your customers goes a long way in helping you not only provide the best services for them, but also the right incentives to keep them coming back. 

Loyal customers ensure repeat business and increased brand awareness when they tell their friends how much they love your location. With seemingly unlimited options for consumers these days, all easily searchable online, it is important to build and retain a loyal base. Customers who keep coming back will bring in new business, and spread the word about your superior product, whether it be a great cup of joe, or a top-notch fitness facility.

Offering free Wi-Fi access to your clientele is a great tool in helping you learn more about your visitors and their habits. It brings the power of customer analytics to brick-and-mortar locations, informing you who your customers are, how often they come and more. A quality service provider offering customized Wi-Fi options can bring a myriad of benefits to your marketing table by improving your metrics data and connecting you to your customers. Here’s just a few of the advantages to expect. 

Footfall Metrics.jpgOne-stop shop for customer data and analytics 

Learn who your customers are by gathering emails as they log-in. Learn how often they are coming, how long they stay, and even what time of day they come. Send triggered emails when they haven’t visited for a while encouraging them with an offer to come back and see you again. Or offer special promotions as a thank you when they reach a milestone number of visits.

Customize features and metrics in one place

You choose what you want to feature on your homepage. You could link to social media content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or highlight promotions and loyalty programs, or encourage guests to leave reviews on sites like Yelp and Trip Adviser. At the same time, gain access to all kinds of metrics like traffic analysis, conversion and loyalty rates, customer ratings and marketing campaign results. 


Provide Wi-Fi hassle free

You focus on satisfying the needs of your clients; let your Wi-Fi provider deal with service and compliance issues. Offer your customers secure, family-friendly and compliant access. Guests will appreciate fast and free Wi-Fi and likely hang around longer if they are able to connect reliably. 

When customers inevitably ask for your Wi-Fi password, give it to them with a smile knowing the benefit will be mutual. 

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