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How to Use Digital Coupons to Grow Your Business

by: Robin Johnston On: December 27, 2016
3 min read

Free_WiFi_Sign_Oct-05-2016_Blog_Post_Image.jpgImagine you logged on to a cafe’s complimentary Wi-Fi network on your mobile device while you were standing in line to order. A coupon code for a free cup of coffee with any food purchase comes up on the landing page. What would you think? Would you think the company was successful and generous and they value their customers enough to give them a thank you for loyal patronage? Would you want to take advantage of the offer? Would you consider returning to the establishment the next time you were in the neighborhood? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, this cafe’s simple, inexpensive guerrilla marketing campaign has done it’s job!

Use Innovative Marketing Techniques to Make Free Wi-Fi Work for You

The Oxford Dictionary defines guerrilla marketing as: “innovative, unconventional and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.” First detailed by Jay Conrad Levinson in his 1984 book of the same title, guerrilla marketing seems too good to be true but it may be one of the only things in business that actually is as good as it seems. As was the case with our hypothetical cafe, coupons for an inexpensive item that can be paired naturally with something with a higher mark-up value doesn’t cost a lot up front, is useful to a wide range of customers and has the potential to bring in big yields.

Landing Page Coupon Codes: Modern Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing used to be more about physical displays such as flyers and posters, or creative and eye-catching window displays (a la Anthropologie). These tricks are still useful to the brick and mortar storefront; however, Wi-Fi networks are giving small businesses the ability to get customers right in their focused line of sight: their smartphone screens.
Double-down with your marketing techniques and increase your sales potential in five easy steps:
  1. Create a friendly, pleasant environment that is comfortable to enter.
  2. Ensure your establishment is walkable (e.g. it flows well and has eye-catching displays of your offerings).
  3. Offer complimentary Wi-Fi that customers can log into, hassle-free, while they wait.
  4. Offer a low-cost-to-you coupon to your customers that pops up on the landing page as soon as they connect to your network.
  5. See your results! When you use a trackable coupon, the results of your promotion are visible nearly instantly. Many types of marketing campaigns take a large amount of time to show results, but instant gratification for your customers equals instant results for you

Make Your Campaign More Lucrative

How can you maximize your landing page coupon sales? Try a few of these slick methods to get more of your products noticed and potentially bring in more revenue:
  • Run the coupon during a time when sales are already on the rise, such as the holiday season or on your busiest days.
  • Use the lowest-cost coupons to boost sales on slow days.
  • If possible, place additional impulse buys that can pair with your promo item along your customer’s path to pay for/wait for the item.
  • Use your customer analytics to choose an item that is versatile and can meet the needs of the greatest percentage of your valued customers.
Whatever your business, there is a way to make marketing campaigns via your free Wi-Fi network work for you to boost your sales and repeat customer visits. Offering something simple based on the behavior of your customers can increase the positivity of your brand image and, in turn, increase your business.

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