Wi-Fi Marketing & Analytics To Help Your Business Bloom

Our end-to-end Wi-Fi solution collects and analyzes visitor data, presents rich customer insights, then lets you launch custom campaigns or trigger automated routines to increase engagement, build loyalty, and increase sales.

From installing your commercial grade customer Wi-Fi hotspot, to gathering data and sharing insights, see how Bloom Intelligence’s Wi-Fi marketing solutions help you connect with customers and expand your business.

Good decisions are made on good data, not on hunches or intuition. With Bloom Intelligence, you'll get the data you need to make the right decisions in time, every time.

Visitor information is collected from the moment your customers come within range of our commercial grade Wi-Fi access point. There’s no need for them to log in for your system to start discovering valuable insights.

Gather valuable customer data, like emails and phone numbers, as well as gain insights about customer behavior and demographics. Analytics reports reveal customer volume, loyalty rates, marketing campaign success, dwell time, repeat customer information, and Facebook Likes.

Here are some of the questions you'll be able to answer with Bloom Intelligence:

  • How many people are passing by but not entering our location?
  • What times of day is passer-by traffic the highest?
  • How many people are entering our location?
  • What times of day is customer volume the highest?
  • What is the traffic capture rate? (i.e. % of passers-by are we capturing)
  • What is the average customer dwell time?
  • What is our customer loyalty rate?
  • What is our customer churn rate?
  • What is our average customer rating?
  • How does our customer rating differ by repeat versus one-time customers?
  • Which promotions are causing the most customers to join our loyalty program?
  • How many customers did our campaign generate?
  • Which campaigns performed the best?
  • How much impact (positive or negative) does hosting live music in out venue have on guest traffic?
  • What is the optimal staffing by time of day?


And if you are a multi-location operation, you may be wondering:

  • Which locations have the highest number of passers-by?
  • Which locations are getting the most traffic?
  • Which locations have the most loyal customers?
  • Which locations have the highest traffic capture rate?
  • Which locations had the greatest campaign participation?


We can help you answer these questions also.

“Reducing churn rate by 5% can boost profits by $250K to $1.25million for a business having $1million revenue.”

"Leading on the Edge of Chaos: The 10 Critical Elements for Success in Volatile Times", Emmett C. Murphy and Mark A. Murphy

“Churn rates of 2.5% per month, if sustained, means that in three years’ time, 90% of the restaurants will be gone and have to be replaced with new restaurants.”

OpenTable Restaurant Metrics By Price Category 2013

A University of Maryland study found that Yelp reviews could accurately predict whether a restaurant would close within the next 90 days.


Your Marketing, Your Way.

Bloom Intelligence gives you a powerful suite of tools to drive customer behavior and increase sales and profits. Whether it’s a special offer to a customer segment you build and select, or an automated message to patrons who seemed to have forgotten about you, you have complete control over who you reach and how you reach them. Use Bloom Intelligence to meaningfully interact with customers by creating targeted promotional campaigns that reward your best customers and strengthen loyalty.

Automated e-mail collection

Get rid of that fishbowl, and collect customer contact info with ease.

Built-in segmentation

Identify your most frequent customers for easy targeting.

Decrease customer churn

Create campaigns for first-timers to encourage those key second visits.

Loyalty program integration

Connects seamlessly with your existing customer loyalty program.

Rescue at-risk customers

Automatically send special offers to customers who stop visiting.

Encourage customer reviews

Direct customers to leave reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Zomato.

Drive social media interaction

Offer a featured deal in exchange for likes, shares, follows, etc.

Boost gift card sales

Increase sales revenue by promoting your gift card program.

Behavior triggered campaigns

Send messages based on actual customer behaviors.

Pro-designed landing pages

Our expert designers revise your landing page as often as you like.

Do You Know How Much Bandwidth You Need?

Use our calculator to determine your bandwidth requirements.

Calculate Bandwidth

Hassle-Free Commercial Grade Wi-Fi So Easy, You’ll Forget It’s There

(But Your Customers Won’t!)

wifi-accesspoint_001While some other Wi-Fi providers will ship you a box containing the access point and DIY instructions for how to set it up, we don’t expect your staff to be IT experts. That’s why every Bloom Intelligence installation begins with a professional site survey conducted by trained field technicians. This ensures a top-quality installation for your Wi-Fi system, getting your customers the best reception and making the most use of your available bandwidth.

We only use commercial-grade, PCI-compliant access points that allow you to offer free, reliable Wi-Fi to customers. Capable of handling hundreds of simultaneous users, this equipment gives you the power to manage uptime and usage across your network by throttling bandwidth, controlling which websites customers can view, and limiting the amount of time individuals spend online.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end with your installation. We monitor every customer Wi-Fi system in real time, making sure that your Wi-Fi stays operational and trouble-shooting problems as soon as they occur. We also provide end-user support for your customers. Our solution includes built-in help so that your patrons can reach out to our Help Desk for assistance if they are having trouble connecting. You won’t find this with any other system, meaning that your staff will also be the front-line support for any Wi-Fi issues they might experience.

Professional site survey

Maximize Wi-Fi reception and use of available bandwidth.

Real-time monitoring

Our data monitoring center ensures maximum system uptime.

Commercial Wi-Fi access point

Capable of handling hundreds of simultaneous users.

Integrated system support

Our support staff will trouble-shoot any system issues that may arise.

PCI compliant system

Avoid costly fines and penalties of noncompliance.

End user support

We handle customer connection issues so your staff won’t have to.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business With Wi-Fi Marketing?

Find out how Bloom Intelligence’s Wi-Fi marketing software and solutions can help build customer loyalty and increase sales.