With access to detailed customer traffic information, online stores have had an advantage over brick-and-mortar businesses for far too long. No more. Our powerful cloud-based Wi-Fi marketing and analytics platform lets you see customer visit patterns, collect contact information, and bring them back again and again. Level the playing field, with Bloom Intelligence.

Why do you need Bloom Intelligence?

Slash customer attrition

Detect when customers stop coming back, and automatically send them an offer to encourage them to return.

All your tools together

Customer & location analytics, loyalty program, customer ratings, marketing campaign results. See everything in one place. From anywhere. Anytime.

Automated e-mail collection

No more collecting business cards at the register. Your master e-mail list is updated automatically as customers opt in.

Metrics like never before

Traffic analysis, conversion rate, loyalty rate, churn rate, and much more. Understand your business in a whole new light.

Hassle-free Wi-Fi

Our fully-managed Wi-Fi service and customer support team means that your staff can carry on doing what they do best.

Drive ratings and reviews

Encourage customer reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Zomato, then watch your ratings spike and sales soar.

Atlanta Bread Company
Accelerates Sales With Customer Wi-Fi


How It Works

Custom Wi-Fi Landing Page

Customer sees your branded, interactive Wi-Fi landing page and accepts the terms to connect to the internet. The splash page is customized to highlight events and promotions including loyalty program integration, gift card sales, mobile app downloads and social media deals.

Drive Customer Engagement

Before the Wi-Fi connection is complete, the customer encounters an additional marketing feature of your choice. For example, you can remind them to submit their email address to receive an online coupon or ask them to rate your store, giving you valuable real-time performance data.

Increase Web Site Traffic

When the Wi-Fi connects, the customer is immediately taken to your company website. They can browse the site for product and store information, or visit another website or app.

Unprecedented Access To Data

Our powerful analytics engine analyzes customer data and presents it to you in an easy-to-understand format. See store traffic in real time. Identify and rank repeat customers by loyalty rate. With this information and much more, you’ll have what you need to retain your at-risk customers and reward your loyal ones.

Automated Marketing Campaigns

Establish customer-specific marketing actions that will be triggered automatically based on predefined rules. For example, customers who have not returned within a specified time period can receive an offer to encourage them to come back.

Learn More Now

Companies already benefitting from our Customizable Wi-Fi Marketing Platform include

  • Black Dog Bar & GrillGold’s GymAtlanta Bread
  • The Crepe VineNewksWorld of Beer
  • Catalina CafeBrooklyn Water Bagel Co.Merv’s Melt Shop
  • Black Dog Bar & Grill
  • Gold’s Gym
  • Atlanta Bread
  • The Crepe Vine
  • Newks
  • World of Beer
  • Catalina Cafe
  • Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.
  • Merv’s Melt Shop
  • Bloom Intelligence goes above and beyond.

    “They have always been attentive through whatever needs and questions we have. They go above and beyond to make sure our team and customers stay connected while helping us with our marketing efforts.”

    ~ Matt Thompson, Managing Partner
    Madison Social

  • Unparalleled customer service.

    “I was in the process of total Wi-Fi meltdown until we came across this platform. Since then, our internet needs have been met to the utmost of their ability and the best customer service to match.”

    ~ Susan Adams, Area Operations Director
    GOLD'S GYM® of Central Florida

  • Amazing analytics tools.

    “This is an integral part of our local store marketing program. We use the e-mails we collect to tell our existing customers about various promotions, specials and discounts, and the analytics tools are amazing at capturing and displaying smart device activity in and around our store.”

    ~ Ron Murray
    Atlanta Bread Company

  • Security and control.

    “Being a coffee business with lots of Wi-Fi users, it’s important for us to control the amount of data customers are using and increase security for them. Bloom Intelligence helps us feel comfortable allowing anybody to use our Wi-Fi and helps increase exposure to our website with a landing page.”

    ~ Maurice Moulton & Patricia Allaire
    Catalina Cafe

Learn How Wi-Fi Analytics Helps Restaurants Thrive



All Packages Include:

Commercial Grade
Wi-Fi Access Point

Installation and Landing
Page Design

IT Survey of Location

IT Management of
Your Wi-Fi Uptime

Ability to Control
Customers' Data Usage

Ability to Control Websites
Viewed by Customers

Insightful Customer
Data Analytics

Advanced Security Functions


Customer Dashboard with Advanced
Customer Data Analytics

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